Why Homeopathy ?

Health and disease are but states or conditions related to a living organism. Hahnemann does not want us to go an inch beyond this factual observation. Diseases are not just mechanical or chemical alterations of the body and not a result of some material disease causing substance but diseases are dynamic derangements of the life.

There may be some fixed type of diseases( to which some name is given) with set of signs and symptoms found common in the suffering person but each individual sick person will have some characteristic symptoms peculiar to his/her individuality. Such peculiar character of sick person can not be overlooked and which present the individuality helpful to select appropriate medicine.

Dr.Hahnemann discovered the general law of interrelation between the disease-phenomenon and the drug-phenomenon and with this the science of therapeutics was developed. Therefore, Homeopathy works on the principle of Similia Similibus Curentur , which is ‘let likes be cured by likes’. According to this law, the symptoms produced by a drug on healthy human on proving should match with the disease symptoms in order to bring about a cure. This establishes science of therapeutics.

Homeopathic treatment is done by taking into consideration the therapeutic law of cure, the clinical methods of observing the sick , the pharmacology of drug actions, the individualisation of the sick person and the study of drug action. This was the art of therapeutics of Hahnemann and he raised it to an independent level of its own and subsequently the science of therapeutics was discovered.

Homeopathic system of medicine prepares a homeopathic medicine practitioner( a homeopath ) to regard the patient as a whole (which includes the mind and the body ) and to learn the principles and practise of general medicine. All the wellness of homeopathy is in pursuit of medical art of healing to be fruitful for the mankind. Positive Homeopathy aims to pass on the attributes of this great science , Homeopathy, in every regard.

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