Treating Bronchitis With Homeopathy

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November 4, 2016
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Bronchitis and Sinusitis are two most common conditions during the winter months. Sinus headaches and nasal discharge cause severe cough leading to bronchitis. Bronchitis makes a patient miserable and helpless. Homeopathy can help these illnesses very effectively.  Homeopathy treats bronchitis and sinusitis as either transient acute illnesses, or, in their chronic manifestations, as part of the constitutional picture of the patient. If these conditions rarely occur for the patient, they may be treated as acute illnesses and given homeopathic medicines that are only to be taken during the course of the infection.

Remedies for Bronchitis in Homeopathy


Aconitum treats bronchitis that comes suddenly after exposure to cold air. Symptoms include a short, dry cough with chills and fever.


Belladonna treats acute bronchitis. Symptoms include a sore throat, fever, and profuse perspiration. The condition gets worse after 3 a.m. The mouth is dry.


Bryonia treats chronic bronchitis with possible complication of either bronchopneumonia or pleurisy. The cough is accompanied by a sore throat with difficulty swallowing.


Kalium bichromicum treats hyper production of very thick mucus. The remedy helps bring out phlegm. Indicated for acute and chronic bronchitis.


Antimonium tartaricum treats pulmonary edema. Symptoms include a suffocating spasmodic cough with a loud rattle in the chest with thick, green mucus that is difficult to expectorate.


Chamomilla treats an intolerable cough that gets worse around 9 p.m. The person is impatient, nervous, and angry.


Ipeca fluidifies bronchial secretion. A convulsive cough that ends in gagging or vomiting.


Hydrastis treats chronic bronchitis. There’s a foul, nasal catarrh that is thick, yellow, and stringy. The catarrh ulcerates the nostrils.


Causticum treats chronic bronchitis of the elderly 55 yrs and older. The cough causes involuntary discharge of urine.


Drosera is indicated in the treatment of acute bronchitis. Coughing causes an inclination to vomit. The person has a sore throat, and is unable to take solids.


Stannum treats a respiratory infection. The accumulation of mucus in the trachea causes shortness of breath, and violent coughing.


Spongia tosta treats acute bronchitis. There is an oppressive, suffocating cough that gives the sensation as if breathing through a sponge. The thyroid glands are swollen and hard.
Bronchitis should be treated wisely, since long-lasting infections can turn into lifelong lung problems. It can be a uncomfortable disorder hindering the normal life and good lung health is a prerequisite for overall well-being. Homeopathy offers an especially effective approach to this affliction. A skilled homeopathic practitioner will select an individualized remedy based on numerous factors pertaining to the client’s overall health and habits, and the exact nature of the bronchitis attack.


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