November 30, 2017
November 5, 2020


Mini case details/ short case summary- chief complaint –associated complaint- previous treatment taken-physical generals-mental generals : Pt had been suffering with hyperthyroidism since 3 months , and on tab carbimazole, and visited our branch on 25/10/14 with weight loss, exophthalmos, palpitation, swelling of right lobe of thyroid gland. T3 > 800, T4 > 30, Tsh: < 0.001. and we had given nartum carb 1m based on her weeping disposition, introvertedness. Again in the month of feb 28, 2015 , the values are T3:4.82,T4: > 30, Tsh:0.05.

values are rechecked in the month of March, t3:4.82,t4: > 30, tsh:0.05, she stopped using carbimazole.

Treatment duration—in how many months/yrs he got cured: 11 months

Name of medicine given- natrum carb 1m

Reason for prescription- grief , weeping disposition

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