November 1, 2017
Priya Darshini
November 30, 2017

Thyroid & Infertility cured by dr.Sneha of k2 branch.
Patient Name – Naga Shreedevi
Aged – 33 years
Patient actually approached for a hypothyroidism pre-marriage & was stable with the thyroid condition but post marriage consequently ended with infertility or failure to conceive due to irregular cycles & pcod . After proper case analysis & counselling (as patient was under mental instability or mood fluctuations due to insecurity towards her marital life being disturbed if doesn’t conceive), patient got pregnancy positive after 8 month of her treatment duration & now has a boy baby who is healthy & she is almost finishing her thyroid medications course with our medicines..(video testimonial of which is been already shared in positive group).

Mental symptoms
Sad, sleeplessness, loss of appetite,weeping tendency & soo anxious.

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