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One of the most painful or unbearable problem for humans is caused in the form of Migraines. These are the form of vascular headaches. Migraines are caused when the blood vessels present in the brain undergo an unexpected and severe enlargement. This phenomenon is also known as vasodilatation of the blood vessels. This will lead to the release of harmful chemicals from the surrounding nerve fibers which would coil around the large arteries of the brain. These chemicals are dangerous because they cause inflammation, pain and further enlargement of the arteries which in turn magnifies the pain.

Migraines may usually attack the person’s forehead, around the eye or at the back of the head. The basic symptoms include intense, throbbing or pounding pain across the temple. Though these pains are unilateral i.e. attack only one side of the head, people would experience pain on both sides for some small period of time too.

The primitive responses to stress and pain which are most commonly known as “fight” or “flight” responses are controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. This part of the nervous system is the most vulnerable and the commonly attacked part by the Migraines. Along with the usual severe headaches, this attack would also bring in many more affects to the body including the attack on intestine. This may lead to nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Digestion will also become a problem. The undigested food will block the medication to be absorbed properly by the body in severe cases which disables the cure through medicines for a considerable extent.

The other symptoms which are caused by this increase in the sympathetic activity include the decrease in the circulation of blood across all the organs of the body. Paling of the skin, cold hands and feet are the primary symptoms due to this reason. Sometimes, people may also be affected with the sensitivity to light as well as sound. This may lead to blurred vision as well as hearing impairment to some extent.

An international survey tells us that approximately 28 million of Americans suffer from these Migraines. There is more number of females than males that are affected with this problem. Nearly 17% of the females and 6% of the males are attacked by this problem.  It is also a known fact that only less than half of the individuals suffering from Migraines are diagnosed by their doctors. It should be treated with more care and intensity.

An estimated 40%-60% of migraine attacks are preceded by premonitory (warning) symptoms lasting hours to days. The symptoms may include:

The following are some of the premonitory or warning symptoms which may stretch from hours to days before the occurrence of a migraine.

  • Sleepiness
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Depression or euphoria,
  • Yawning and
  • Cravings for sweet or salty foods.

Some migraine attacks initially would not be obvious. Patients may not experience a severe headache at first. Hence, one should take care when the above mentioned symptoms appear.

Homeopathy is the best form of alternative medicine to treat the Migraines problem ly and effectively. It can successfully find the root of the problem and starts healing from that point.


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