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No side-effects

Any individual who is sick would want to be disease-free without causing any undesirable effect to the body. These effects are commonly called as side-effects.

What is side-effect? Any unsual changes in the body that occur due to treatment other than the desired effect is considered to be a side-effect. It can be simply put as” Side-effect is any problem that develops other than the desired therapeutic effect.”

Homeopathic medical science is very famously known for not causing any side-effects. The reason for not causing side-effects can be known from the knowledge of homeopathic science evloution. Back then, more than 250 years ago, the medicinal practise was very hapazhard and based on invidual doctrines. Such a medicinal practise would care only about the removal of disease at any cost and neglect the probable side-effects a human body was exposed. It was Dr.Samuel Hahnemann who was also an intellectual observed the many side-effects out of those choice of medical treatments. He valued the human sufferings till the end of the treatment which meant there should not be any side-effects if the treatment given is according to nature’s laws and fixed principles.

At Positive Homeopathy, right from the beginning of treatment  the patient is explained the benefits of taking homeopathy for their disease and they are asked to notify any mishappenings in their body other than the healing process. The patients are explained the mode of treatment, the process of healing and the desired therapeutic effects.

So as to say, at Positive Homeopathy , the Doctors take atmost care to not cause any side-effects from the homeopathic treatment and/or medication.

“Positive Homeopathy treatment  is safe , non-toxic, easy-to-use and non-addictive “