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Homeopathy is herbal medicine

Homeopathic medicines are procured and sourced from various natural sources such as animal kingdom, mineral kingdom and plant kingdom among others. Therefore considering homeopathy as herbal medicine nullifies there itself. Other than that, the medicines are then subjected to the procedure of drug dynamisation , potentisation by the process of trituration and succession which makes homeopathic medicines dynamic and scientific. And hence, Homeopathy is not simple herbal medicine as presumed.

Homeopathy increases the disease initially

Fear and anxiety is spread fast than the reality behind it. It is during the treatment of very few specific diseases that there will be increase in the disease symptom which is in fact a positive sign of correct treatment taking place. But in the treatment of majority of diseases, there will never be any increase in the disease. A homeopathic doctor will explain at the start of treatment how the process takes place.

Homeopathy is just placebo

This is a biggest myth that homeopathy is a placebo effect. How can homeopathy be a placebo effect when this science is existing and becoming more popular since more than 200 years and when Homeopathy is based on nature’s laws applicable across the globe.

Homeopathy is slow

People consult homeopathic doctors after making rounds of many other physicians and hospitals. In this duration, the chronicity and intensity of the disease makes more difficult for any homeopathic doctor to bring about fast recovery. Otherwise, Homeopathy acts superfast in treating any disease when the patients visit homeopathic doctors on time.

Homeopathy contain steroids

No, Homeopathic medicines do not contain steroids. The homeopathic medicines are obtained from natural sources and potentised to retain dynamic medicinal power. It is wrong criticism considering people spread the word that homeopathy is a placebo on one side and on the other side they say homeopathic medicines are steroids.

Diagnostic reports/Investigations are not cured for homeopathic treatment

Homeopathic doctors absolutely require diagnostic reports and even are qualified to send patients for investigations procedures required. Diagnostic reports and medical investigations is part of medical science rather part of any conventional medicine.

Homeopathy is only for chronic diseases

Because most of the people consult homeopathic doctor for chronic diseases after failure to find treatment in conventional medicine, homeopathy has become famous for chronic diseases. Otherwise , homeopathy has treatment for acute diseases , serious diseases, life-threatening diseases, surgical diseases etc.,.

Over-the-counter homeopathic medicines are harmless

There are more than 1000 homeopathic medicines and not less than 10 remedies for any particular disease/symptom. Purchasing medicines from the pharmacy and/or self-medication can only trivialise the existing condition. It is never a wise decision to self-medicate.

Diagnosis is not important for homeopathic doctor

A homeopathic doctor is like any other registered medical practioner and is qualified to diagnose also. Proper diagnosis helps the homeopath to know the health status of the patient and subsequent recovery by choosing correct homeopathic medicine having required sphere of action.

Homeopathy has too many diet restriction

There are absolutely no diet restrictions in general. But, in some cases, homeopathic doctors work as nutritionists in regulating diet regimen which may be necessary in the process of cure.

Homeopathy is not for serious diseases or life-threatening diseases

Homeopathy is a more complete science to treat serious diseases and life-threatening diseases. There is chances of recovery as well as palliative cure to these diseases which only homeopathic medicines can.

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