Sinusitis Treatment

Sinusitis refers to an inflammatory condition of the nasal sinuses. There is nasal and paranasal sinus in and around the nose respectively. Swelling in and /or of those sinuses is called as Sinusitis.

Patients visit the Doctors by narrating the Sinusitis complaints as suffering from “Sinus.” Some patients club allergy and Sinusitis also.


Sinusitis is caused by one or all the following causes :

  • Sinus ostial obstruction
  • Due to impending infection (infection from bacteria,virus,fungus)
  • Non-infectious causes are also reported such as Allergies.
  • Barotrauma which is due to sea diving or air travel.
  • Exposure to certain chemical irritants


  • Running nose (Nasal drainage)
  • Nose bloack ( Congestion of the nose)
  • Facial pain on pressure ( pain in the face which is localized at the site of the sinus affected,mostly maxillary sinus)
  • Headache (Sinus headache and Dull headache )
  • Associated complaints include cough, sneezing and fever.

Sinusitis usually affects the adults as the sinuses are not fully developed in children. Sinusitis is found equally in both the sexes.

What if ignore?

Sinusitis is a very irritating and recurrent disease. Therefore, patients get vexed if it is not treated very soon. And then many patients tend to avoid seeing Doctors for sinusitis which leads to severity in every subsequent episode of sinusitis.

If the sinusitis is not treated in acute stage, it leads to chronicity of the complaints. Sinusitis of non-infectious cause may sometimes get infected.

Sinusitis of allergic nature is often repetitive in nature hampering the routine daily activities of the patient. Sinusitis which is infected because of bacteria and virus often have fever associated with it and may further lead to bone erosion, chronicity of the disease and spread of the disease into all the sinuses.

Fungal sinusitis could cause epistaxis(bleeding from the nose) frequent headaches, bone erosions and nasopharyngeal ulcerations.

Why one can go for Homeopathy Treatment?

Homeopathy treatment offers relief primarily from the recurrent of the sinusitis. There are a good number of medicines in Homeopathy system of medicine which cures sinusitis from the very existence and gives permanent halt to the suffering. There are specific homeopathic medicines for every cause which leads to sinusitis by enhancing immunity required in sinusitis affected individuals.

Positive Homeopathy’s SPECIALITY in dealing with Sinusitis

Positive Homeopathy has done a lot of research on sinusitis and sinusitis-related disorders. We have been providing exclusive sinusitis treatment for our patients for many years with great benefit in their health recovery. Every Clinic of Positive Homeopathy has been empowered with the research related medications on sinusitis which gives immediate relief and strive for permanent treatment.

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Frequently Asked Qustions

1)What are the different types of Sinusitis

Depending on the duration of the disease, sinusitis is of two types: Acute Sinusitis and Chronic Sinusitis.

Based on the sinuses involved, Sinusitis is also classified as Rhinosinusitis (Swelling of the sinuses of the nose) and Paranasal sinusitis( Inflammation of the sinuses surrounding the nose).

2) why do we suffer from Sinusitis ?

People suffer from Sinusitis due to the swelling of Sinuses in and around the nose. Typical signs and symptoms of sinusitis develop either due to the accumulation of secretion by either sinus Ostia obstruction or impaired /absent ciliary action.

3)Does Allergy cause Sinusitis ?

Yes, individuals sensitive to some allergens fall into the category of the causative factors for Allergy-related Sinusitis.

There is nasal blockage with dullness and sneezing.

4)what is Acute Sinusitis :

Acute Rhinosinusitis

Sinusitis of less than 4 weeks duration is Acute Sinusitis. It constitutes the vast majority of sinusitis cases. It has a history of similar complaint or it results as a consequence of a preceding viral upper respiratory infection

5)What are the symptoms of Chronic Sinusitis ?

Chronic Sinusitis is characterized by symptoms of sinus inflammation lasting >12 weeks.

Most commonly associated with either bacteria or fungi and clinical cure in most cases is difficult.

Many patients have undergone treatment with repeated courses of antibacterial agents and multiple sinus surgeries, increasing their risk of colonization with antibiotic-resistant pathogens and of surgical complications.

In chronic bacterial sinusitis, infection is thought to be due to the impairment of mucociliary clearance from repeated infections rather than to persistent bacterial infection.

Patient experience constant nasal congestion and sinus pressure with intermittent periods of greater severity, which may persist for years.

6) Does Sinusitis affect health majorly ?

A Sinusitis case which could have been treated with medicines may lead to surgical intervention. And also, there may be the recurrence of the complaints in extreme severity. In rare instances, Sinusitis could complicate to Meningitis, Epidural abscess and cerebral abscess(Brain abscess). Sinusitis is also associated with some of the major diseases such as Atopic Dermatitis, Vasculitis, IgG –related disease, Fever of Unknown Origin(FUO).