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Homeopathy is the only system of medicine based on nature’s laws which has medicines for the treatment of diseases in human beings and animals. The word ‘Homeopathy’ implies ‘let likes be cured by likes’ which is derived from one of the nature’s laws, Similia Similibus Curentur. According to Homeopathic medical science, the diseases/symptoms in diseased person can be cured only by the medicines which have the properties to bring on similar diseases/symptoms in a healthy person on drug proving.

Homeopathy is a medical science of more than 200 year old founded by a German Physician, Dr.Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann. He has made the science perfect to be useful in the service of mankind suffering from various kind of diseases, be it acute or chronic diseases, emergency conditions, epidemic or pandemic disease outbreaks, genetic and hereditary disease, diseases of female and male, old-age diseases and children’s diseases.

The scope of homeopathy is vast and relevant to the new diseases of this modern era due to the fact that homeopathic system of medicine has evolved with times in these two centuries based on nature’s laws. Most of the answers to what is Homeopathy? And Why Homeopathy? are understood by the patients in the initial consultation with the homeopathic doctor or homeopath. The first consultation with a registered homeopathic doctor is different from the routine conventional medical doctors. The patients are expected to give all the relevant information required by the homeopath in detail which includes the disease history, the mind thought process, the past history, the dreams etc.,.

The Myths about homeopathy are also being destroyed due to the widespread presence of homeopathic doctors across the world who interact directly with the patients till all the doubts are cleared. Many of the frequently asked questions(FAQ’s) pertaining to homeopathy are also being answered through various sources such as books, internet and presence of homeopath in nearby localities.

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