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November 2, 2016
homeopathy hospitals in hyderabad
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November 2, 2016
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It is essential to be cautious and careful regarding our health especially during the journeys. Most of us make some journeys from time to time. Some of us would have to travel regularly on some business or work. Some plan for long tours during the holiday vacation, especially during the summer time. This is the time when we have to be extra careful for our health. We cannot postpone our journeys fearing the heat or adverse climates. But instead of that, we can take some precautionary measures in case we face a problematic situation during the journeys.

Homeopathy will always be helpful for you during the journeys. Especially during the long journeys, most people, especially the elderly ones may face some kind of health problem and it is best to have the Homeopathic remedies at hand to be safe. There are some Homeopathic drugs that you can keep with you or suggest your family and friends to take with them during journeys. These would help us during some common issues we may face during travelling. Here are some issues and their Homeopathic remedies.

  • FOR NAUSEA AND SLEEPLESSNESS: We often experience the feeling of nausea and sleeplessness especially during long journeys. Some people would regularly feel this during long distance flights. For this kind of problem, the best Homeopathic solution is CocculusIndicus. We can take this drug with a potency of 200 for excellent results and relief.
  • INDIGESTION PROBLEMS: These are most common during the journeys. Change of weather, food, and atmosphere may sometimes bring an effect to the digestion. Some people will have relatively less resistant power and these would be most vulnerable in these situations. But Homeopathy helps you there. There is a drug named Nux Vomica that will help you greatly during the journeys. Taking it for 3 consecutive days during the journeys with a potency of 30 would definitely ensure safety and relief from these problems.
  • LONG JOURNEY PHOBIA: Some of the people would feel some fear and nervousness during the long journeys. This is more of a psychological/neurological problem than a physical one. But Homeopathy can help you there too. The Homeopathic drug named Argentum Nitricum will calm the nerves and ensure smooth journeys.
  • HEAD SPIN: This symptom is most commonly observed during the people who travel by road in cars or buses. The frequent stopping and starting may cause their head spin and may also lead to vomiting. For those kinds of situations, there is a Homeopathic solution in the form of Petroleum. Yes, you read that right! But this is not the petroleum fuel you must be thinking of. It’s a Homeopathic drug named that way and 200 potency of petroleum would give best results.
  • STOMACHACHE – MOTIONS: The change in food and atmosphere may cause this problem. First, it is important that you take care of the kind of food you eat during the journeys. Some people who have less resistance power would be affected and for those people, the Homeopathic remedy would be Podophyllum which should be taken once per hour.
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