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November 2, 2016
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November 2, 2016

Skin allergies would occur usually when there is a significant change in the surrounding environment, change in the food intake, taking foods that are allergic to one’s body. It might also be caused due to some unknown reasons. Homeopathy has proved in many cases that it is the best treatment or alternative for any kind of skin allergy. Let us have a look at the different Homeopathic medicines for the different causes and symptoms of skin allergy.

  • SULPHUR: It is considered to be the most effective Homeopathy medicine for the symptoms indicating common skin diseases. The sudden appearances of rashes like urticarial rashes, itching and rashes on the lips are the basic symptoms for which the medicine Sulphur is used. It is usually prescribed with a dose ofpotency 200 per week.
  • NAT-MUR: Taking in Nat-Mur with a potency of 200 will help the people who are suffering from rashes due to heat and sun.
  • DULCAMARA: This is a kind of rainy season medicine. When the people suffer from heavy rashes because they have been drenched in rain, they can take this medicine with a potency of 200.
  • GRAPHITIS: In some cases, the symptoms of skin allergy or rashes would appear along with some other problems. One of those common problems is the problem or acidity or gastric problem. For the symptoms indicating both gastric issue and skin rashes, Graphitis is an excellent solution. This Homeopathic medicine would also work for other issues like high sensitivity, vulnerability, and also for the people with obesity.
  • HEPAR SULPH: This particular Homeopathic medicine is a multi-solving one. It can cure the symptoms like the inability to tolerate the cold temperatures or chillness, increased itching all over the body and appearance of rashes. Apart from the above mentioned symptoms, HeparSulph also works for anxiety, and over-aggressiveness.

The way Homeopathy deals with these kinds of symptoms would enable cure and relief from the problem.

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