Pneumonia Treatment

Pneumonia is a lung infection that inflames air sacs in one or both of the lungs and which may be filled with fluid or pus. The infection can be life threatening to infants, children and people over 65 years of age. You can get pneumonia at work or school or you can get it at the hospital or nursing home. It is spread by airborne droplets. Germs such as bacteria or virus cause it when you breathe them into your lungs. You are more likely to get it when you’re down with cold or flu as these illnesses make your lungs hard to fight it. Also having a chronic disease like asthma, heart disease, cancer or diabetes makes you a likely candidate to get pneumonia. Symptoms of pneumonia caused by bacteria can come on quickly.


  • Cough accompanied by mucus, which is green or tinged with blood.
  • Fever.
  • Rapid breathing & shortness of breath.
  • Teeth chattering chills.
  • Chest pain when you cough or breathe in.
  • Rapid heartbeat.
  • Fatigue or weakness.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.


When the symptoms are mild it is called walking pneumonia. The main sign in older adults is how well they think. Confusion or delirium is common. Symptoms caused by the virus are the same as those caused by the bacteria, but they come on slowly and are not so obvious or bad.


Lab tests and medical imaging are required to diagnose the extent of it. It is short term and usually resolves within days to weeks. Antibiotics can treat many forms of pneumonia and some forms of it can be prevented by vaccines.

In homeopathy, Aconite is probably the best of medicines to treat pneumonia in the first stage. It has been proved effective time and again. Veratrum viride, Ferrum phosphoricum, iodine, Bryonia, Kali muriaticum, Sanguinaria, Chelidonium, Antimonium tartaricum and phosphorus are prescribed for various forms fo pneumonia; however, they should be taken only under the guidance of a recognized homeopathy.

If Ignored

You should also see a doctor if you have chest pain or difficulty breathing. If you have a weakened immune system, you have a greater risk of developing pneumonia complications than someone whose immune system is functioning normally. This means you should see a doctor if you have any of the symptoms of pneumonia.

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Frequently Asked Qustions

What causes a person to get pneumonia?

It can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Bacterial pneumonia is the most common type in adults. Pneumonia causes inflammation in the air sacs in your lungs, which are called alveoli. The alveoli fill with fluid or pus, making it difficult to breathe.

How serious is pneumonia?

Bacterial pneumonia is usually more serious as it causes more severe symptoms. However, viral pneumonia caused by the flu virus can be life-threatening as well if it triggers a particularly severe inflammation of the lungs or is complicated by a secondary bacterial infection. 

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