What is Diabetes ?

Diabetes mellitus known commonly as “Diabetes” and also “sugar” is a disease which includes a group of metabolic disorders that feature increase in blood sugar levels, hyperglycemia.

Why should choose for Homeopathy Treatment?

Various types of diabetes are treated in homeopathy without the use of any harmful medicines. The common medicines used are Arsenicum, Calcarea Carb, Graphites, Natrum Muriaticum and others. The medicines have efficacy only in prescribed dosages measured by expert homeopaths.

If Ignored Where the disease may lead the patient to?

The first sign of allergic contact dermatitis is the presence of the rash or skin lesion at the site of exposure. … Other symptoms may include itching, skin redness or inflammation, localized swelling and the area may become more tender or warmer. If left untreated, the skin may darken and become leathery and cracked.

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Frequently Asked Qustions

What health problems can people with diabetes develop?

Over time, high blood glucose leads to problems such as
heart disease stroke, kidney disease, eye problems, dental disease, nerve damage, foot problems
You can take steps to lower your chances of developing these diabetes-related health problems.

What is the cause of type 1 diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes develops because the body's immune system destroys beta cells in a part of the pancreas called the islet tissue. These beta cells produce glucose. So people with type 1 diabetes can't make their own glucose. The pancreas normally adjusts the amount of glucose it makes based on your changing blood sugar.

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