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October 27, 2016
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November 2, 2016


Most of us know that the heart acts like a pumping device taking in the impure blood, oxidizing it and thus purifying it, and sending it back to all the remaining organs of the body for proper functioning. Whenever there is even a small obstacle in this process, it leads to the reduced blood supply to the heart muscle. This condition is known as “Ischemia” This usually occurs due to the problems or blockages in the coronary artery of the heart. This may appear with age or even some unhygienic habits like smoking and alcohol consumption. These symptoms are mostly seen in men and can also be a hereditary problem in some cases.


The basic symptom experienced by anyone who is having a heart attack is the chest pain. Apart from that, a person having a heart attack may also experience inflammations in the areas of arm, neck and jaw, difficulty in taking breath, inflammation in the chest, anxiety, and even a loss of consciousness.


Heart attack may occur due to a number of reasons. It mostly depends on the lifestyle one is following. Some of the important causes that leads to heart attack are:

  • Presence of severe Diabetes in the body.
  • Lack of regular exercise.
  • No Physical fitness.
  • Unhygienic Life Style
  • Presence of Cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • High fat content Diet


Many persons who experienced a slight chest pain or inflammation around the area of the chest would consider it nothing serious and neglect. But that is not a good idea. It might be a heart attack and it is better to get checked. There are a number of prescribed tests to detect a heart attack. Some of them are ECG which is the acronym for Electrocardiography, Blood test, Nuclear Scan, Exercise Stress test and Coronary Angiography


There are some precautionary measures that one should follow to avoid a heart attack. Practicing these habits would make one lead a very healthy life for a long time.

  • Avoid foods with high fat content
  • Practice regular physical exercise
  • Eat high fiber foods
  • Maintain Stress free environments around you.
  • Regularly eat foods with Garlic and Ginger content.
  • Stop Smoking


Homeopathy plays a crucial part in preventing heart attacks. The treatment aims to reduce the cholesterol level in the blood ensuring free flow of blood to and fro the heart.


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