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What is Spondylitis?

Ankylosing Spondylitis, one type of Arthritis, is one of the most common health issues we can observe now-a-days. This affects the Spine which causes consistent pain and stiffness from neck down to the lower bones. If not given immediate care or treatment, this can turn into a chronic ailment causing the lower bones and the vertebrae to fuse together causing severe pain and eventually disfiguration. But identifying the symptoms in the early stages and resorting to Homeopathy instantly is an ideal plan to get rid of the back pain completely.

What Causes this Problem?

Though there is not any pin point factor or cause for this issue, the back pain is generally caused by excess of physical stress and pressure put on the spine. Even sitting for several hours on the trot without movement can cause this issue and it’s been the case for many corporate employees these days. Hence it is very important that one makes sure that he or she has enough physical activity going on in a day to loosen up the pressure on the bones and be fit. One more reason for this ailment to occur is a genetic factor and it can run through families.

How to Spot this?

There are a few symptoms to identify if it could be Spondylitis such as consistent pain and stiffness along the backbone starting from the neck, inconvenience or discomfort in performing the regular and simpler activities, and some pain or tenderness in the heels as well. When any person comes across any of these symptoms, they should immediately go for diagnosis.

The Right Treatment

It is imperative that the treatment is taken in the initial stages so that the disease cannot spread. It is known that Spondylitis can spread to other parts of body as well disrupting their primary functions. So in order to control and start curing it right away, Homeopathy is the first and best option. Positive Homeopathy, one of the well-established Homeopathy hospitals in Hyderabad offers top class treatment for this problem and has a great success rate in curing it.


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