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November 2, 2016
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November 2, 2016
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It’s summer time! Most of us would be planning for vacation and enjoyment but the heat and its effects would always be in the back our minds making us to be extra cautious and quite rightly so. Well, who says that we cannot enjoy the summer without getting affected from the heat? By taking in some healthy fruits and vegetables that are abundant in this time of the year and avoiding some foods that cause problems, we can enjoy a healthy summer.

Let us see some of the diet tips that would make our summer enjoyable.

  • The first one any would say is take in large amounts of water. The heat would slurp away the fluids in the body and we must make sure we are compensating for that loss by drinking lots and lots of water as frequently as possible. Also, take care of the quality of water you drink. Make sure it is filtered well.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages and liquids with high sugar content. These would make you lose more amounts of fluids through urination. It is not advised to take more soft drinks too. They reduce the calcium and protein levels in the body.
  • We all like to drink chilled water especially in the hottest of days. Do you know that does not help you at all although you may cool for a short time? It will affect your blood vessels. It is advised not to drink very chilled liquids especially when you just arrive from under the hot sun.
  • Plan your day in such a way that you won’t stress much during the times of maximum heat. Make sure that liquids are available in your closest proximity in case you work in the heat.
  • The meals you take should be abundant in nutrients and less in fat content.
  • Fruits basically are of two kinds. Dried and Fresh. Always prefer the fresh ones to the dried fruits.
  • We all love salads. Include as many healthy fruits and vegetables in the salads and take them regularly.
  • Butter milk, coconut water, and lemon juice always keep you cool.
  • Oily foods are always dangerous and especially during the summer. Make sure you take as less oily foods as possible.

Following all the above tips would make you lead a healthy summer for sure. It’s the right way to tackle the heat and humidity. Take good care of your health and summer will automatically become enjoyable.


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