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Homeopathy Treatment for PCOS

PCOS Treatment in Homeopathy:


PCOS is a disease due to hormonal imbalance. PCOS is one of the major health concerns in women today. PCOS is the outcome of multiple small cysts in one or both of the ovaries. There is swelling of ovaries, such an enlarged ovary produces excessive androgen and oestrogen hormones which is responsible for multiple symptoms in the whole body of a PCOS patient. Imbalance in hormones such as the excess production of androgen makes them insulin resistant. Insulin resistance further causes an increase in the production of androgens. This cycle leads to the classic symptoms of PCOS.

Causes of PCOS:

The cause for PCOS is not completely known but it is a result of complex interaction of genetic, environmental , hereditary and lifestyle factors.

PCOS is quite simply a result of faulty diet and lifestyle.

Symtoms of PCOS:

  • Irregular menses(periods) , could be once in every 2 – 3 months.
  • Unwanted (unusual) hairs grow on the face and body (Hirsutism).
  • Acne on face, upper arms, shoulders which are very stubborn being unresponsive to conventional treatment.
  • Sudden and progressive weight gain.
  • Thinning of hair/Hairfall.
  • Infertility.

Based on gender and age wise would be better PCOS usually starts during adolescence . It is prevalent in women of childbearing age.

What if ignored?

PCOS needs proper guidance and management from the initial development of ovarian cysts. The treatment of PCOS has to be initiated in the early stages. They should approach the Doctor and look for immediate treatment because PCOS makes them vulnerable to diabetes, sleep apnea and infertility( i.e., by causing complications in conceiving and delivering a child.

PCOS can lead to :

  • Ovarian tumuors/Cancer
  • Uncontrolled Diabetes
  • Heart Problems
  • Uterine (Endometrial)Cancer
  • Depression

Why one can go for Homeopathy Treatment?

Homeopathy treatment is started after a detailed case taking which includes all the factors which the PCOS patient is vulnerable to, such as genetic, environmental, hereditary and lifestyle factors. Therefore, the treatment for PCOS through homeopathic mode is very precise and there are homeopathic medicines available for it depending on the case presented by the PCOS patient.

Positive Homeopathy’s SPECIALITY in dealing with PCOS

At Positive Homeopathy PCOS is one of the most dealt with diseases from the beginning. There has been intense research and follow-up of the treated patients to analyze and enhance the Homeopathy treatment methods to treat PCOS. It can be said Positive Homeopathy has the best Homeopathy treatment for PCOS and has been successful in managing post-treatment stages also.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In most of the cases, PCOS since it’s a hormonal imbalance leads to infertility(in conceiving and delivery of child)

There is no one definitive test that can diagnose PCOD. The diagnosis of PCOD is made by medical history which includes Irregular menstrual  cycles since puberty, excessive hair growth, acne, PCOS appearing ovaries by ultrasou

Because PCOS may have a genetic component, family members who are closely related are at an increased risk of having some or all of the symptoms of PCOS. Though there is no concrete medical proof that daughter or sister will also develop or have this condition, but PCOS has genetic component attached to it. Therefore, it is found that family members (daughter, sister) are at relatively increased risk of developing PCOS.

Yes women who are lean can also suffer from PCOS because of the genetic component involved. But, the percentage of PCOS in lean girls/women is less comparatively.

Removing cysts by surgery doesn’t treat PCOS because cysts develop due to hormonal imbalance of excessive insulin which in turn leads to increase in androgens.

Yes, homeopathy cures PCOS/PCOD comprehensively. PCOS is a syndrome caused by genetic and environmental factors known by obesity, irregular menses, unwanted hair, infertility, acne etc. Since it affects parts of the body other than female genital system , a treatment considering the whole of the person needs to be selected.

Homeopathy is a science of medicine which has the principle of constitutional method of treatment which covers the patients physical make-up, mind and personality characteristic, previous health history, diet & regimen etc which are essential in the selection of homeopathic remedy. Such a constitutional method of treatment cures PCOS completely without surgery and hence the symptoms of PCOD/PCOS.

PCOS is a syndrome affecting different parts of the body, for which a constitutional treatment is the safest method. Homeopathy is the only safest method of treatment because of many valid reasons. Some among them are : 1) Homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural sources such as plants, animal and minerals etc. The medicines procured from nature are then subjected to the process of potentisation according to the theory of drug dynamisation. In this process, the crude , toxic and material content of the drug is removed leaving behind the dynamic medicinal properties which are required to be considered as true natural medicine. 2) The medicines thus prepared are then subjected to proving and the uniqueness of homeopathy is that the homeopathic medicines are proven on human beings contrary to the provings done on animals in modern medicinal system.3) The medicines thus prepared are then dispensed or prescribed to the patients in minimum dose(with respect to the number of doses and power of the medicine).

All the above features make homeopathy the safest method of treatment available and hence it is considered that the best treatment for PCOS/PCOD is possible with homeopathy. Another added feature interesting to know is that , with homeopathy, surgery is avoided for PCOS patients. And most importantly, homeopathic medicines bring about permanent cure which helps prevent recurrence of PCOS/PCOD.

Any disease has a solution and that positivity is required in the patients which compels them to raise questions such as how to get rid of PCOS?. Since PCOS is a syndrome, a collective effort is required from the patients with PCOS and the physician. Homeopathy has the best method of involving patient from the beginning with regards to life style changes, diet and regimen, previous history etc. A homeopathic doctor always motivates the patient with PCOD to follow certain instructions which are individualistic or customised to every individual patient.

Therefore, the best way to get rid of PCOS is to consult a homeopathic doctor, follow his instructions with regards to weight loss and lifestyle changes required and simultaneously take homeopathic medicines for the specified period of time as decided by the homeopathic doctor. The constitutional and therapeutic mode of homeopathic treatment helps you get rid of PCOS permanently by avoiding surgery and without side-effects.

Yes a person suffering from PCOS/PCOD can become pregnant. But it is also true that some complications could rise during the period of pregnancy and also at the during and after delivery to the newborn. Such complications can be thwarted by regular visits to the concerned doctor.

It is a valid question to know what can be done by the patients who are suffering from PCOS other than medicinal treatment. There are two aspects to this question. Firstly, the general approach to all the patients. The patients with PCOS should make drastic lifestyle changes such as physical exercise, eat healthy food, avoid undue stress, have proper sleep and avoid smoking and alcohol. Secondly, upon consultation with a homeopathic doctor, individual diet and regimen is decided which needs to be followed. Express yourself to the homeopathic doctor what is affecting you mentally and emotionally, as these are essential for selecting constitutional medicine which ensures completely cure of PCOS.