Ichthyosis Treatment in Homeopathy:

Ichthyosis is a congenital skin disorder, so as to say, a skin disease since birth. It is generally found to be present in several members of the same family having passed on from generation to generation.

The skin of Ichthyosis is dry, rough and scaly resembling a fish skin. Ichthyosis develops due to decreased secretions and abnormal keratinization. Ichthyosis if noticed at birth and is worse during winter, gets better as the weather becomes warmer.

The dryness of ichthyosis is seen primarily on extensor surfaces of the hands and legs and trunk of the body. But slowly the dryness spreads the entire skin.

Since there is poor skin defenses and dryness , ichthyosis patients are vulnerable to certain pyodermas, fungal affections and eczemas.

It is very easy to diagnose Ichthyosis because of the characteristic dryness and scaling. But if the onset of the disease is in adults, reticules , leprosy and drugs in usage need to be ruled out as the causative factors.

Usually Ichthyosis is progressive till puberty followed by stationary period. The dryness and scaling does not go off on their own. Therefore, treatment with homeopathic medicines is advisable.

Why one can go for Homeopathy Treatment?

Homeopathy has a very unique way of treating Ichthyosis patients by taking care of the genetic element involved and then skin tissue getting affected. Without external applications and with easy oral homeopathic medicines for Icthyosis , it can be very carefully and extensively treated.

Positive Homeopathy’s SPECIALITY in dealing with DISEASE:

Ichthyosis patients need a lot of regular visits to the Doctors to explain and show the changes in the skin. Positive Homeopathy clinics work seven days a week and also the doctors team is available for online consultation to meet the requirements of the patients. Attention is given to the history of Icthyosis and recovery during the treatment with the best of homeopathic medicines available with us for Ichthyosis.

What is Xeroderma ?

Xeroderma : The mild form of Ichthyosis is termed as Xeroderma. In this,the skin is light-grey in color, dry to touch and has furfuraceous scaling. Xeroderma should be differentiated from dryness of skin due to climatic changes, in old-age people and artificial xerosis ( due to frequent scrubbing with soap and hot water).

What is Ichthyosis vulgaris?

Ichthyosis vulgaris : It is the severe form of Ichthyosis and the condition is called sauroderma (crocodile skin). The skin becomes grayish in color. Thin scales are formed which are plate-like quadrilateral, attached at the center and free at the borders.

What precautions should be taken for Ichthyosis ?

The patient should avoid cold climate and live in warm atmosphere, humid weather. Deficiency of Vitamin A should be monitored. Levels of thyroid may also b checked. Daily warm bath, sun exposure and warm oil massage may help temporarily in some cases.


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