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Fever is the reaction of the body and not an illness. It is the symptoms of an underlying illness. Characterized by high temperature, fever also gives physical discomfort to the patient along with body pains, and other symptoms depending upon the underlying cause.

Though not a life threatening condition, fever can be dangerous when there is an abnormal rise in the body temperature also called hyperthermia. Pyrexia or fever is the rise of body temperature by above one degree.

Types of fever:

  • Continuous fever.
  • Intermittent fever.
  • Remittent fever.
  • Relapsing fever.
  • Night Sweats.

Causes of Fever:

  • Infections (bacterial/viral/parasitic).
  • Neoplasms
  • Vascular causes.
  • Trauma

Fever can also be caused due to malaria, chicken pox, heat stroke, encephalitis, septicemia, and many other reasons.

The treatment for fever depends upon the associated symptoms and the underlying cause. Underlying symptoms like rashes, sore throat, runny nose, and others are taken into consideration before providing treatment.

Homeopathy offers comprehensive and holistic treatment for fevers of all types. Depending upon the cause of the fever, the pathogen, and the individualized constitutional indicators, appropriate treatment is provided.

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