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Stop Hypothyroid with Homeopathy

Hypothyroid is a common endocrine disorder and also called as underactive thyroid disease. With Hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone. In children, hypothyroidism leads to delay in growth and intellectual development, which is called as cretinism.

The most common cause of hypothyroidism is too little iodine in the diet.

The other common cause of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. “Thyroiditis” is an inflammation of the thyroid gland. It is an autoimmune disorder. In Hashimoto’s, the body produces antibodies that attack and destroy the thyroid gland.

Myxedema coma is a rare, but life threatening state of extreme hypothyroidism. It is characterised by decreased body temperature, confusion, slow heart rate. signs as skin changes or enlargement of tongue. Hypothyroidism is associated with impaired fertility or increased risk of miscarriage (abortion). New born children with hypothyroidism may have drowsiness, decreased muscle tone, difficulty in feeding, dry skin, constipation, decreased body temperature. A goitre may develop in children with Iodine deficiency.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

• Fatigue, intolerance to cold, memory weak and low in concentration, depression, irritability.
• constipation
• In Females, irregular menstrual cycle (heavy flow and later scanty menses)
• Increased weight and difficulty in losing weight with poor appetite.
• Shortness of breath, hoarse voice.

Signs of Hypothyroidism

• Dry skin, hair loss, slow pulse rate.
• Swelling of limbs, cold extremities.
• Muscle cramps

The test for hypothyroidism is testing the thyroid stimulating hormone levels in the blood.


Positive homeopathy is one of the leading homeopathic chain of clinics in India providing classical homeopathic treatment for various ailments. In the present world around 60 to 70 percent of humanity is suffering with one or other chronic disease, one of which is Thyroid disorder.

-“Thyro Cell” is an initiative taken up by positive homeopathy where our main aim is to treat the thyroid disorders and its underlying complications with constitutional homeopathic medicines.

-”Genetic constitutional therapy/treatment” will be given to the patients suffering with thyroid diseases, where our experienced doctors will examine the patient to assess the extent to which the pathology/disease has progressed and a thorough case study will be done which includes psycho-analysis of the individual to understand his temperament, behaviour, history of mental stress or worries, if any which might lead to disturbance in the body functions and may lead into various disorders. Along with psycho-analysis, physical symptoms and pathological involvement is considered for evaluation and accordingly genetic constitutional homeopathic medicines will be prescribed to stimulate the disordered thyroid gland or pituitary gland or hypothalamus such that the levels of hormones released from these glands are again seen as normal and the normal body functions are restored ly. Thus giving cure to the patient without any side-effects.

-Hence by restoring the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, weight gain, hair-fall can be controlled.

-Irregular/disturbed menstrual cycles can be restored to normal.

-Our homeopathic medicines also helps in revitalizing the immunity levels and energy levels of the individual, thus making him/her resistant to frequent common disease conditions.


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Psoriasis is now one of the most common diseases we have been observing. The number of people suffering from this problem is increasing every day. But it is in our hands to stop Psoriasis from attacking us. Let us see how we can prevent Psoriasis disease. We must incorporate or change some daily habits and our life style habits in order to prevent the Psoriasis problem.


  1. For bathing purposes, always use lukewarm water with mild, non-fragrant soaps.
  2. Moisture must be sealed in to prevent skin damages. So it is suggested to apply a good, non-fragrant, mild moisturiser/ olive oil after the bath.
  3. The shampoos for the hair should be non-fragrant. Fragrant products contain chemicals that can damage the skin and cause hair fall
  4. Always prefer cotton clothes. The cotton material safeguards the skin from external heat.
  5. The cold and dryness during the winter may affect your skin. So wear protective clothes and do not expose much skin to the atmosphere during winter.
  6. Injuries to skin, however small they might be, if not taken immediate care can lead to complicated skin issues later. So take care of treating the injuries immediately.
  7. Don’t scratch the skin much. To avoid this problem, trim your nails regularly and keep them clean.


  1. Smoking and Alcohol not only damages the internal functioning of the organs, but can also damage the skin to a large extent. So avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
  2.  Healthy weight maintenance is always a key factor for the prevention of Psoriasis. It is better to consult a doctor and discuss the exercise strategy if your joints are affected with Psoriasis.
  3. Mental stress will definitely have an effect on the skin. So always try to relax and practice the meditation and yoga techniques for mental relief.
  4. Red meat increases the intensity of inflammation. So avoid it.
  5.  Early morning sun light has been proved healthy for the skin. So expose your skin to the sun for 15 minutes before 9 in the morning.


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The principles of Homeopathy – permanent curing nature

The description that aptly fits for the simple definition of Homeopathy is “Permanent Cure”. As explained by Dr. Hahnemann, the first and the important quality every Homeopathy doctor must possess is the ability to make the patient completely relieved from the symptoms of the disease and help him or her regain complete health. This is the basic principle of Homeopathy as told by Dr. Hahnemann.

In the book named “Organon of Medicine”, Dr. Hahnemann explains the principle involved in Homeopathy more briefly. These principles are known as “Aphorisms”.


When a patient is given a medicine for a particular problem, that medicine can be able to suppress the disease or the problem. But there is a significant probability that it may result in some unforeseen side effects. Hence, it can be basically said that with the modern medicine, we kind of send an invitation for some other diseases into our body. This is the reason why almost everyone is planet in suffering with one or the other problem. No one is being perfectly healthy. The modern medicine is leading the current problem to the next level.

Let us take an example here. People who apply ointments for skin related allergies or problems, though the external wound can be suppressed, the ointment will definitely lead to other issues like breathing problems or bone related diseases, irregular hormone production and unusual changes. These may occur due to hereditary problems. But the major reason for these complications is the modern or English medicine.

The best thing about Homeopathy is that it does not target the present or current problem of the patient. It targets the past problems and health of the patient in which the root of the current issue can be found. As a result, the entire problem will be cured and there will be no chance for that to regrow or re-appear. It also enhances the immune system such that any other problems related to that disease would not attack. This principle is known as similia similibus curentur.


Homeopathy is followednotjust in one or two countries. Its success and authenticity in curing any kind of disease has made it popular in most places across the world. It is vastly followed in most European countries among which France takes the first place. Apart from France, the other nations like Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, America, Brazil, Argentina, India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Russia, and Mexico use Homeopathy extensively.


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Homeopathy medicine for skin allergies

Skin allergies would occur usually when there is a significant change in the surrounding environment, change in the food intake, taking foods that are allergic to one’s body. It might also be caused due to some unknown reasons. Homeopathy has proved in many cases that it is the best treatment or alternative for any kind of skin allergy. Let us have a look at the different Homeopathic medicines for the different causes and symptoms of skin allergy.

  • SULPHUR: It is considered to be the most effective Homeopathy medicine for the symptoms indicating common skin diseases. The sudden appearances of rashes like urticarial rashes, itching and rashes on the lips are the basic symptoms for which the medicine Sulphur is used. It is usually prescribed with a dose ofpotency 200 per week.
  • NAT-MUR: Taking in Nat-Mur with a potency of 200 will help the people who are suffering from rashes due to heat and sun.
  • DULCAMARA: This is a kind of rainy season medicine. When the people suffer from heavy rashes because they have been drenched in rain, they can take this medicine with a potency of 200.
  • GRAPHITIS: In some cases, the symptoms of skin allergy or rashes would appear along with some other problems. One of those common problems is the problem or acidity or gastric problem. For the symptoms indicating both gastric issue and skin rashes, Graphitis is an excellent solution. This Homeopathic medicine would also work for other issues like high sensitivity, vulnerability, and also for the people with obesity.
  • HEPAR SULPH: This particular Homeopathic medicine is a multi-solving one. It can cure the symptoms like the inability to tolerate the cold temperatures or chillness, increased itching all over the body and appearance of rashes. Apart from the above mentioned symptoms, HeparSulph also works for anxiety, and over-aggressiveness.

The way Homeopathy deals with these kinds of symptoms would enable cure and relief from the problem.

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headache treatment in homeopathy

Relief from Headache through homeopathy

We all know headaches are common among most of use. Due to various causes such as eating unhealthy food, change of place, excessive stress or travelling, this problem may occur. Though it is not a lethal problem, it definitely is irritating and painful for us, don’t you agree? We all want to get relief from headache as quickly as possible. There is no better way to counter the headache with other symptoms than with Homeopathy.

Let us have a look at some of Homeopathy solutions for some headaches with other symptoms mentioned below.

  • NATRUM MUR:Most of the times, when we work for a long time in the hot sun or travel a lot in humid temperature, we get headache. Natrum Mur will be helpful for those kinds of headaches.
  • BELLADONA: This is not only a medicine for sudden headaches, but also would give a relief for the persons who tend to get angry for every little thing. It is also useful for people who would have their faces turn red because of headache.
  • SPIGELIA: This particular Homeopathic remedy is used for a number of symptoms. The symptoms include pains in the eyes, legs, feeling of fever, fear of injections, pain in the left side of the body, headache due to the heat, and even migraines.
  • BRYONIA ALBA:  Sometimes people will be getting severe headache and pain. It would seem that a head is being beaten by a hammer. There will be a lot of irritation and uneasiness. For those issues, Bryonia Alba will be very much useful.
  • SANGUINARIA:This is very much useful for the people who are suffering from severe headache on the right side, unbearable headache in the morning but not so much during the nights, unable to bear the heat etc.

Depending on the type of the symptom, choosing the relevant or apt Homeopathy medicine will definitely cure the problem ly.

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