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November 27, 2018
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Asthma is a heterogeneous disease, a disease with different characteristics. There is a role of genetics and also environmental factors in asthmatic patients to suffer from this disease. The reason for asthma to start in a person’s life is due to certain risk factors which suit the person’s genetic disposition and their environmental life situations. The risk factors for potential asthma patients are allergy, obesity, early viral infections, occupational sensitizers, passive smoking, diet, respiratory infections etc., Furthermore, asthma is triggered by another set of factors such as certain allergens, respiratory viral infections, physical exercise, cold air, some drugs, some chemical irritants, sudden or acute stress, etc depending on individual’s susceptibility.

Asthma is characterized by the symptoms of wheezing, breathlessness(dyspnoea) and coughing which vary from patient to patient and within the patient. Asthma can get worse typically at night and it may compel patients to awake in the early morning hours. On examination, the physician finds difficulty in breathing-in of air and to a greater extent on breathing-out of air also. Rhonchi are heard all over the chest and there is hyperinflation.
As we have learned that for asthma to develop there are certain risk factors and also there are triggering factors which initiate the first attack of asthma. Homeopathy is a system of medical science which considers an individual’s susceptibility and their vulnerability to those risk factors. This aptly justifies the scientific and rational method of healing asthma and other respiratory conditions.

And then, we also learned that asthma is found when there is the interplay of environmental and genetic factors in the patients of asthma. Again, it is known that homeopathy follows nature’s laws which specifies the importance of individuality and constitution of every patient of asthma. Not all people suffer from asthma, it implies there is a rule of individualization who are prone to asthma disease for which homeopathic method of constitutional treatment is necessary to bring about relief and cure from asthma in patients with asthma.

The homeopathic medicines have multifaceted action to bring about multiple benefits in the treatment of asthma. A homeopathic doctor upon careful analysis and investigation of every patient of asthma prescribes a constitutional medicine which brings relief from acute asthmatic complaints followed by the cure of chronic asthma so that there is a permanent cure and there is no recurrence of the asthma attack. The homeopathic medicines are safe to use, they do not contain steroids as in conventional medicines.

The best homeopathy treatment for asthma does not require compulsory diet restrictions and by the end of the treatment, there will not be an effect of triggering factors which were responsible for the outcome of the asthma attack.

Majority of the times, it is the children who suffer from asthma and it is the greatness of homeopathy that homeopathic medicines are ever safe for medicinal use in children. An asthmatic child can get be freed from the agony of breathless and cough permanently with the top quality homeopathic medicines at hand with the homeopathic doctor.

Some of the best homeopathic medicines used by the homeopaths in the treatment of asthma are Antim tart, Sulphur, Ignatia, Natrum sulph, Pothos, Sambucus, Ipecac, Ars-alb, Carbo veg, Silicea among other remedies. It is always recommended that homeopathic medicines should be used under medical supervision only.

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