“The Borderline” – A Brief Awareness of Pre-Diabetes

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It is a stage where one would ignore the symptoms or the diagnosis itself. But it can easily progress into the most common disease we know. This is the stage known as Pre Diabetes. And if we do not take the necessary measures to control this at the early stages, it may lead to the irreversible Type  2 Diabetes.

According to a survey conducted, at least 77 million people just in India are suffering from the condition of Pre-Diabetes. Normally, there are minute or no symptoms experienced by the person if he or she is at this stage. Hence this is usually ignored. But that is where the actual problem takes place. Let us have a look at what actually happens at this stage.

Pre-Diabetes is a stage where a person’s blood shows a slight increase in glucose levels but not enough to be diagnosed as Diabetes. This is a kind of wake-up call telling you that you are on the path to danger and it’s not yet late to avoid that. This was previously called as “Borderline” diabetes.

During this stage, the body would not be able to produce as much Insulin as it should that is necessary to control the blood sugar, especially after eating. If not controlled at the right time, it may lead to Heart diseases and also liver problems.


There are no obvious symptoms for detecting Pre-Diabetes right away but the following factors and indications may lead to it. Hence it is always to go for a check-up despite the presence of no symptoms.

  1. Heredity: Type 2 Diabetes history in the family
  2. Those who suffered from Gestational Diabetes
  3. Overweight and Obesity problems
  4. No physical activity
  5. Age over 45
  6. PCOD

Some symptoms of Pre diabetes, if they show at all, include being extra thirsty, frequent urination, sudden decline in eye health, and extreme fatigue.


If you are diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes, there is no real need to panic. But you shouldn’t neglect it either. The following are some measures you can implement to prevent the diabetes attacking you in the future.

  1. Get more physical exercise and keep your weight in control. Research proves that decreasing your weight 5 to 10% would delay the onset of diabetes or even keep it in control ly
  2. Intake a wide variety of fruits, leafy vegetables, and whole grains
  3. Avoid eating high fat junk foods, sugar, and carbohydrates
  4. Stop smoking. Research shows that people who smoke have 30 – 40 percent chances of developing diabetes.

Keep checking the status of Pre-diabetes regularly. Always be vigilant and consult doctor immediately if you show any of the symptoms mention


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