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Homeopathy treatment for Psoriasis in Hyderabad

Psoriasis is not just a skin condition. The physical visibility of it creates a stigma around it. It has been found in research that there is psychiatric comorbidity associated with it due to its glaring visibility. It leads to low self esteem, stress, and psychological disability. The shedding of the skin in patients with psoriasis makes it inconvenient for them to go about their daily activities like jobs and social interactions. However, there is treatment for psoriasis in homeopathy.
Overcoming psoriasis and the emotional stress that comes along with it is quite a task. For it, patients and their families need to know certain basic facts about psoriasis.
What is Psoriasis?
It is an unpredictable and perplexing skin disorder that is classified under autoimmune diseases. It is defined as immune mediated, and genetically determined. Often, it affects the skin, nails, toes, knees, elbows, face, palms, feet, and joints. It is a chronic inflammatory disease that causes itching, sore red/white patches on the skin, and can also manifest as psoriatic arthritis. In this condition, the immune system goes awry and starts to produce more and more cells, and this causes inflammation.
Types of Psoriasis:
• Scalp Psoriasis.
• Plaque Psoriasis.
• Erythrodermic Psoriasis.
• Inverse Psoriasis.
• Pustular Psoriasis.
• Nail Psoriasis.
• Guttate Psoriasis.
• Palomar-plantar Pustulosis.

Causes and triggers of Psoriasis:
Though one cannot pinpoint the exact causes of psoriasis, it is know that genetic predisposition, and environmental triggers can cause or exacerbate psoriasis. Here is a list of causes and triggers that is known to increase the symptoms of psoriasis.
• Infections.
• Emotional Stress.
• Blood Pressure medications.
• Heart Disease.
• Malaria Medication.
• Painkillers.
• Genetics.
• Injury to skin.
• Sunburn.
• Alcohol Consumption.
• Smoking.
• Antidepressants.
Obviously, the patient has to first quit smoking and consumption of alcohol, and then speak to the healthcare professional regarding the possible side effects of certain medications. Of note, the common trigger is the weather condition wherein Indian patients have exacerbated symptoms in winter season. Proper care can avoid these symptoms.
Homeopathy Treatment for Psoriasis:
Topical allopathic medications use salicylic acid and other corrosive chemicals, and oral medications have adverse side effects. In homeopathy, as against conventional medicine, it approaches this condition from a totally different standpoint. Attempts are made for holistic and constitutional remedies by strengthening the body. In this approach, not only are the symptoms given prominence, the patient’s body constitution and his/her reaction to the environment is taken into consideration. Even the emotional quotient of the patient is taken into consideration before treatment.
Homeopathic medicines for Psoriasis:
• Apis mellifica
• Arsenic Album
• Calendula
• Kali Brom
• Kali Arsenicosum
• Kali Sulphuricum
• Radium Brom
• Rhus toxicodendron
• Sulphur
This list is not exhaustive, and it is better prescribed by professional homeopaths. There are many homeopathy doctors in Hyderabad who can diagnose the exact nature of the psoriasis and determine the suitable medicine for the patient. Consult the best homeopathy clinics in Hyderabad for a comprehensive cure for psoriasis.


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Homeopathy Treatment for Irregular Periods

Homeopathy Treatment for irregular periods

The normal menstrual cycle of a woman runs for 28 days. Women never expect that to change. And, when that changes, it can be quite disconcerting and disturbing. Oligomenorrhea or irregular periods can be harrowing and awkward at the same time for a woman.
When women tend to have irregular periods, they tend to worry about the early incidence of menopause, fertility issues, and the possibility of some horrible disease lurking. This is common. There are some great treatments in homeopathy for irregular periods, and let us know about them in this article.
What is Oligomenorrhea or irregular periods?
This refers to a condition in women who have infrequent or irregular menstrual cycles often 35 days. This might vary from patient to patient and also depends upon the causes of oligomenorrhea. Most women normally menstruate 11 to 13 times a year with a gap of 28 days per cycle. Some of them have gaps of 24 and 35 days also. Having aberrations in this cycle is referred to as irregular periods. Early, late, missed or prolonged periods are also considered irregular periods.
To determine the occurrence of irregular periods, women are advised to count days from the cessation of the last period to the beginning of the next period. If the number of days is significantly different for three months, then they are supposed to have irregular periods.
What causes irregular periods?
There are a variety of reasons that cause irregular periods and most of them are benign. Here is a list of causes for irregular periods.
• Hormonal imbalances.
• Anovulation due to hormonal imbalances.
• Stress.
• Anxiety.
• Birth control medications.
• Polycystic ovarian diseases.
• Primary ovarian insufficiency.
• STDs.
• Thyroid disorders.
• Diabetes.
• Fibroids.
• Eating Disorders.
What to expect during irregular periods?
The most common occurrences during irregular periods are:
• Reduced time between periods.
• Increased time between periods.
• Heavy or light flow.
• Pain and cramping during periods.
When is it a cause of concern?
It is a cause of concern when there is heavy flow. One should contact a doctor immediately. Frequent oligomenorrhea should also be a cause of concern as it can affect the reproductive capabilities of a woman.
To prevent irregular periods, it is necessary for women to cope up with stress and learn to relax. It is also important not to over indulge in exercise, take up yoga or tai chi, and opt for natural contraception. Also, they should exercise restraint in sexual relations.
Homeopathy for irregular periods
Some of the best homeopathy hospitals in Hyderabad offer safe treatment for irregular periods. There are many treatment options for irregular periods in homeopathy that have higher success rates than allopathy.
Some common medicines in homeopathy for irregular periods:
• Cimcifuga
• Calcarea carb
• Pulsatilla
• Jonesia Ashoka
• Gossypium
• Sepia
• Natr Mur
• Trillium Pend
The advantage of homeopathy for irregular periods is that the treatment is safe and free of any side effects. However, it is advised not to self medicate and consult a competent homeopath. Positive Homeopathy is one among the best homeopathy hospitals in bangalore, and has treated numerous patients with irregular periods.
For women having irregular periods for over three months, it is better to consult a doctor and get it treated.

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Muscular Dystrophy is life altering, beat the symptoms with Homeopathy!

Imagine a life where you are constantly depended on someone for every little need! Tough, isn’t it?

Muscular Dystrophy is a condition which leads to such life for many, overcome this extremity with Positive Homeopathy!
Most common form of muscular dystrophy found in young boys and sometimes in adults is Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
Currently, there is no cure for muscular dystrophy, but certain homeopathic medicines can improve symptoms and slow down the disease’s progression.
Muscular dystrophy causes gradual weakening of the skeletal muscle!
Muscular dystrophy gets worse over time, and some people may lose the ability to walk, talk, or care for themselves. It is not the case for every patient; some do lead a normal life with minimal symptoms.
There are more than 30 kinds of muscular dystrophy and each is different based on:
• The genes that cause it
• The muscles it affects
• The age when symptoms first appear
• How quickly the disease gets worse

Muscular dystrophy is a muscle-wasting disease that affects roughly 1 in 35,000 males. The condition is caused by genetic mutations that interfere with the production of muscle proteins necessary to build and maintain healthy muscles.
Common forms of muscular dystrophy are:
 Duchenne muscular dystrophy: the most common form of the illness! Symptoms normally start before a child’s third birthday; they are generally wheelchair-bound by 12 and die of respiratory failure by their early-to-mid-twenties
 Becker muscular dystrophy: Symptoms similar to Duchenne but with a later onset and slower progression.
 Myotonic (Steinert’s disease): The myotonic form is the most common adult-onset form. It is characterized by an inability to relax a muscle once it has contracted.
 Congenital: this variant can be obvious from birth or before the age of 2. It affects girls and boys. Some forms progress slowly whereas others can move swiftly and cause significant impairment
 Limb-girdle: this variant begins in childhood or teenage years and first affects the shoulder and hip muscles. Individuals with the limb-girdle muscular dystrophy might have trouble raising the front part of the foot, making tripping a common problem
 Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy: onset is between the ages of 40 and 70. Eyelids, throat and face are first affected, followed by the shoulder and pelvis.
Symptoms :
Symptoms for most forms of muscular dystrophy start to show in childhood or in adolescence. Most common symptoms are:
• Fall down often
• Have weak muscles
• Have regular muscle cramps
• Have trouble getting up, climbing stairs, running, or jumping
• Walk on their toes or waddle
Some will also have symptoms like:
• A curved spine
• Droopy eyelids
• Heart problems
• Weakness in the muscles of the face
Later symptoms
 Inability to walk
 A shortening of muscles and tendons, further limiting movement
 Breathing problems can become so severe that assisted breathing is necessary
 Curvature of the spine can be caused if muscles are not strong enough to support its structure
Homeopathic treatment for Muscular Dystrophy
Homeopathic treatment aims to slow down the process of muscular degeneration, and can work on bringing some symptomatic relief, such as improving muscle power.

After a detailed study of the physical, emotional and genetic makeup of the patient, the Homeopathic medicines are prescribed by the experts. They help to reduce the weakness in muscles and decrease the pace at which the disease is growing. Some specific Homeopathic remedies help for muscle paralysis and have been found effective in the treatment of Muscular Dystrophy.

Homeopathy improves the way of life!


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Homeopathy Treatment for Kidney Stone

Kidney Stones and benefits with Homeopathic Treatment

Kidney Stones and benefits with Homeopathic Treatment
Kidney stones cause excruciating pain! Homeopathic remedies for Kidney stones have proven effective time and again.
Let us discuss about Kidney stones, their causes and how homeopathy medicine for kidney stones can help to flush them out!

What are kidney stones?
When urine carries any crystal forming substances such as calcium, oxalate and uric acid, kidney stones are formed. At the same time, urine may lack substances that prevent crystals from sticking together, creating an ideal environment for kidney stones to form.

Other rare varieties of kidney stones include those made up of Cystine, Struvite (magnesium, ammonium and phosphate), calcium phosphate or uric acid. Kidney stones are considered one of the most painful urologic disorders.

• Calcium stones: Majority of the kidney stones are calcium stones in the form of calcium oxalate. Oxalate is a naturally occurring substance found in most foods. Some fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and chocolate, have high oxalate levels.
• Struvite stones: Struvite stones form in response to an infection, such as a urinary tract infection.
• Uric acid stones: Uric acid stones can form in people who don’t drink enough fluids or who lose too much fluid, those who eat a high-protein diet, and those who have gout.
• Cystine stones: These stones form in people with a hereditary disorder that causes the kidneys to excrete too much of certain amino acids.

• Severe pain in the side and back, below the ribs
• Pain that spreads to the lower abdomen and groin
• Pain during urination
• Pink, red or brown urine
• Cloudy or foul-smelling urine
• Nausea and vomiting
• Persistent need to urinate
• Urinating more often than usual
Some home remedies to help soothe the discomfort of kidney stones:
1. Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
• Mix 2 spoons of organic olive oil with 2 spoons of lemon juice and drink it up! Then drink a glass of water immediately.
• Wait for 30 mins and repeat it!
• Repeat the lemon juice, water and apple cider vinegar recipe every hour until symptoms improve.
2. Uva Ursi
Uva Ursi is a common folk remedy for kidney stones. Not only will it help fight off infection in the kidneys, but it may also help reduce pain and cleanse the urinary tract. 500mg three times a day is recommended for kidney stones.
3. Kidney Beans
Remove the beans from inside the pods, and then boil the pods in purified hot water for six hours. This liquid can be strained through cheese cloth, cooled and taken throughout the day for one day to ease kidney stone pain.
4. Horsetail
Horsetail tea is an effective natural remedy for kidney stones. Drink up to 3-4 cups of horsetail tea daily or 2 grams of the herb in capsule form daily.
5. Pomegranate Juice
The seeds and juice of pomegranates is considered another natural remedy for kidney stones. This may be related to their sourness and astringent properties
6. Organic Celery
Celery in vegetable form and celery seed are great urine-promoters and kidney tonics. Regular use of celery seed, as a spice or as a tea, may prevent kidney stone formation.
7. Change in Diet
Unhealthy food intake is a primary cause of kidney stones. Cut down on the amount energy drinks and avoid processed foods and alcoholic beverages.

Homeopathic medicines for kidney stones at Positive Homeopathy helps in the passage of stone as well as in relieving the agonizing pain caused by the same. If the stone size is larger, or if there are multiple stones, then the patient will be treated surgically.


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Live on your terms with Schizophrenia! Homeopathy aids in reducing the symptoms

Physiological illness is a deterrent for the patient and the family around him or her!

It has become one of the major health concerns today. The term Schizophrenia has come into use only recently, in olden days, the people suffering from this illness were considered possessed and were tortured.

Schizophrenia is caused due to imbalances of chemicals in the brain which leads to messages in the brain to mix up and cause havoc. People with Schizophrenia are split up from reality and cannot differentiate between reality and hallucinations

Individuals with schizophrenia think they are hearing things and believe someone is out to harm them!

People with schizophrenia may just sit for hours thinking and not moving and sometimes they talk to themselves about inane things. You cannot predict Schizophrenia, it appears without warning. Patients can cause harm to themselves or people around them.

Symptoms of schizophrenia:

  • Delusions
  • Hallucinations
  • Confused thinking and speech
  • Forgetful mind
  • Disordered thinking
  • Catatonic behaviour
  • Mood swing
  • Suicidal attempts


  • Hereditary.
  • Any severe infection faced during intrauterine development and birth.
  • Exposure to lead, X-ray radiation, alcohol, drugs like Marijuana.
  • Low Folic Acid levels
  •  Genital herpes in pregnant women
  • Child abuse – physical, emotional and sexual.
  • Stressful life events.

There are five types of Schizophrenia:

  • Paranoid Schizophrenic – These patients are sceptical and think everyone is plotting against them.
  • Disorganized Schizophrenic – These individuals are restless, emotionless, verbally illogical and absurd.
  • Catatonic Schizophrenic – These individuals are very pessimistic, secluded and present abnormal behaviour.
  • Undifferentiated Schizophrenic – These individuals exhibit psychotic signs with absolute loss of contact with reality.
  • Residual Schizophrenic – These individuals do not hallucinate, but are suicidal with no interest in life.


Homeopathic remedies for schizophrenia!

The following are the homeopathic medicines:

  • Cocculus Indicus: Disposition to take everything in bad part and to be angry.
  • Aconite Napellus: Fearful anticipation of approaching death; predicts the day he is to die. Fear of spectres and dark.
  • Veratrum Album: Tired of life, but fear of dying
  • Cannabis Indica: Delirium tremendous, trembling, hallucinations, tendency to become furious, nausea.
  • Platinum Metallicum:  The delusion of the senses, feeling as of being too large and on the contrary, all other things and persons seem to be too small and too low.
  • Hyoscyamus: Delirium without consciousness does not know anybody.
  • Thuja: As if a strange person were at his side as if the soul were separated from the body; as if the body especially the limbs were of glass and would break easily, as if a living animal were in the abdomen. Getting orders from dead souls, think someone controlling his mind.


Homeopathy treatments have been successful in reducing the symptoms to a great extent. Experienced homeopathy doctors can establish a trustworthy relationship with the patient and Positive Homeopathy Clinics boasts of expert professionals who will guide you every step of the way!


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