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Solving Problems from the Root – Ideal Cure with Homeopathy

The fundamental basis of the principle behind Homeopathy treatment for any kind of ailment lies in the close relationship between a person’s state of mind (psychological state) and the functioning of the body (physical state). Homeopathy treats any health issue considering both these aspects instead of just the symptom. Hence it is known to be highly successful in curing the problems on a level rather than a temporary level that cannot assure if the ailment doesn’t return.

The Difference

Let’s consider conventional form or modern form of treatment. If two different persons show similar kind of symptoms who are affected by the same disease, there’s a high chance that the medicine or the treatment issued to them will be the same. But that’s not the case with Homeopathy. It considers not just the symptoms, but like mentioned above, it also takes into account the past health history of the patient, psychological state, and lifestyle and then, only then the treatment is planned.

This ensures and justifies the basic and important rule of medical intervention which is any treatment approach should not cause any harm or side effects to the patient.  It is suggested that unless the condition of an ailment is so chronic that it can only be solved with a surgery, Homeopathy should be the one you prefer all the time.

Even some of the chronic symptoms due to an ailment can be alleviated with the help of Homeopathy ensuring long lasting results. And in the case of intensified health issue, consulting an experienced Homeopathic practitioner of a renowned Homeopathic facility is always preferable.

Advanced Homeopathy – International Standards

Positive Homeopathy, one of the renowned homeopathic chains of clinics across South India, is equipped with international standards of facilities and experienced doctors with the knowledge of advanced Homeopathy.


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Identifying the Allergies and Ideal Homeopathic Solutions

Allergy is quite a common condition in most people. A high percentage of population would be allergic to one or other factor. Allergy is nothing but a kind of immunity disorder and is usually caused by substances called “Allergens” that are present around us. These reactions occur when the white blood cells are produced in excess in our body leading to some noticeable symptoms. Let us look into some common allergies and their symptoms.


It is well known that the sensory organs are the most affected by the allergic reactions and some well-known allergies are Asthma, Conjunctivitis, Itching, and Running Nose. Though these are common and can be taken care of in the initial stages, it is however dangerous to delay the treatment as they can lead to sense impairment or even life threating in their severe stages.

  • Conjunctivitis is the sudden redness, itching of the eye that occurs frequently.
  • Hearing impairment and muffled listening ability can be observed if an allergy affects the ears.
  • Allergic Rhinitis affects the Nose making it to swell and leading to difficulty in breathing
  • Sinusitis relates to the swelling of a body part internally or externally
  • Asthma leads to constant cough, sneezing, and breathing issues
  • Skin allergies can lead to Eczema rashes, sever itching, reddening, and peeling off.
  • Hay fever can also occur with one or more of these symptoms.
  • Digestive allergies can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, stomachache.


Heredity is considered to be one of the major causes of Allergy. Some faults in the genetic makeup makes a person vulnerable to one or more of these allergies and it can be passed down the generations. Along with that, the environment also plays a great role in causing Allergies. Especially with the increasing pollution and degrading purity in the atmosphere, there’s a high chance of getting an allergy. Some people are also born with allergy to some foods like wheat, shellfish, eggs, peanuts, and certain vegetables.


Homeopathy is always the ideal choice for treating allergies. Despite the long treatment period in some cases, you are always assured of getting great results without any side effects. You can also eat your favorite food items without the fear of suffering from allergies again! Consult Positive Homeopathy for advanced treatment to cure allergies.


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Healthy Skin free from Psoriasis through Homeopathy

Psoriasis in now one of the most common diseases observed and with the amount of pollution increasing every day in the atmosphere, the number of people affected by this skin disorder is also increasing. If not controlled in the early stages of this problem, it has the ability to spread across the body, increases the risk factor of improper functioning of vital internal organs and can be difficult to cure in the advanced stages. Experts suggest that we should consult a specialist if we come across any skin inflammation or irritation without neglecting the symptoms as soon as we observe them.

Studies show that advancements in Homeopathy made it possible to cure psoriasis effectively and ly with a great success rate in this regard. Positive Homeopathy employs “Constitutional Homeopathy” for treating such kind of chronic illnesses and has cured a number of patients.


The following are some major symptoms that may indicate Psoriasis and one should consult a doctor immediately if they observe one or more of these

  • Mild rashes in small areas
  • Skin inflammation and constant itching
  • Skin Reddening in a number of areas
  • In severe conditions, a large patch of skin can turn bright red and patient would experience severe burning sensation

Though the exact or direct cause of Psoriasis is not available, experts attribute the appearance of this issue to genetic problem, heredity, environmental changes, and unhygienic living. Psoriasis can take its toll in colder weathers, presence of other infections, side effects from other medications. But for those of you who think that it is contagious, it is not. It cannot be transmitted from one person to other by touch.


Homeopathy cures Psoriasis internally rather than by external application. This helps in solving the issue on a basis by finding the root cause. It first helps in slowing down the progress of the disease and then reduces the skin reddening, lesions, itching and inflammation.

Positive Homeopathy is one of the well-established Homeopathic chains of clinic in India with specialist doctors in every branch and with a great success rate in curing psoriasis.


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Homeopathy for a Healthy and Happy Life


In the world of advanced treatments and modern medicine, Homeopathy is still considered one of the best forms of alternative treatment by many across the world. With time, the inclination to prefer Homeopathy has also grown over the years since its inception by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the creator of this Alternative medicine from Germany. This can be credited to the effectiveness and the simplicity of the treatment and the ability to cure almost any kind of ailment from a normal fever to the life threatening chronic diseases without any kind of side effects.


This alternative form of treatment carries many advantages in curing any health issue along with being completely safe from side effects. Based on a simple theory that the element that causes a health issue can be the remedy if given to the person in smaller dosages, the premise of Homeopathy is “Like cures like”.  It also entails a theory that no treatment for the same disease suffered by two different persons will be the same though the symptoms are similar. Hence the treatment would be unique for each and every patient. This form of treatment ensures that the curing would not be directed on the symptoms like most modern approaches, it would rather concentrate on curing at the root cause which ensures that the health issue does not reappear.

There are a number of advantages of Homeopathy over other forms of modern medicine and these include

  • It can be given to persons of any age from infant stage to old age without any fear of side effects
  • There is no problem of patient getting back into relapse once improvement is observed. It can be taken by pregnant woman as well as nursing woman
  • Though the time of cure varies from person to person, the cure will be .

Homeopathy is the right choice for treating any form of ailment. Positive Homeopathy deals in Constitutional form of Homeopathy treatment with advanced Swiss-German medicine used in treating chronic diseases with great efficiency.


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Homeopathy medicine is considered to be non-toxic and completely harmless when it comes to treating of any type of ailment. The basic concept behind Homeopathy is health improvement through stimulation of self-regulatory functioning of the body and thereby increasing the immunity. This will ensure reduction of susceptibility and vulnerability to any kind of disease. Expert doctors across the world suggest that Homeopathy should be considered as the first choice to treat any ailment and it would be more effective during the initial stages of any problem. Many make the mistake of going for costly surgeries and treatments that would entail certain side effects after treatment. Instead of these options, one can opt for a perfectly safe Homeopathy treatment which can be considered a great replacement to painful surgeries, also in some cases where modern treatments have failed to produce any desired results!


Unless the extent of damage to the internal organs is too high and injuries too severe, where conventional or modern form of treatment, surgeries cannot be avoided, it is always suggested to go for Homeopathy. Even in some incurable stages of certain diseases where using modern medicine can result in potential side effects, Homeopathy is known to have produced some symptoms of relief to the patients and this has been observed in a number of cases across the globe.


Homeopathy is also a great relief provider when it comes to the accidental injuries. Even after performing the surgery, some side effects and extra symptoms entail because of factors like anxiety, shock, and use of anesthetics during surgery. In order to counter attack these symptoms and reduce the effect on the internal organs as well as the injured part of the body, Homeopathy is highly efficient. In such cases, Homeopathy can be used before and after the surgery is performed which helps in speeding up the recovery process.

Positive Homeopathy is one of the well-established chains of Homeopathy clinics across South India dealing in the highly effective Constitutional treatment.


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