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Homeopathy – Is it the permanent disease curing process?

It is true that it has been regarded as one of the highly controversial forms of treatment since its inception which was nearly two centuries ago. It has been met with many critical reviews throughout these years. The topic of Homeopathy is still debatable without any actual proof showing that the treatment is authentic or not. But there is a proof from the experiences of most of the people who availed the treatment through Homeopathy that their diseases or problems have been cured successfully and ly.

The roots of Homeopathy were first planted in the year 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann. He created this system of alternative medicine based on his doctrine of like cures like. The concept of Homeopathy is based on the theory that the substances which cause the diseases in healthy people can be used as the cure for similar symptoms in the sick people. The term “Homeopathy” was coined by Samuel Hahnemann in the year 1807.

Since then Homeopathy was developed and new inventions based on Hahnemann’s study were created. The treatment was extended to all kinds of diseases and even with the advancements in the allopathic or the modern medicine, the value of Homeopathy has not been descended or replaced amongst most people.

Homeopathy is a kind of treatment that does not deal with only the treatment of the organ or the part of the body that has been affected with the disease. Homeopathy treats the person as a whole and hence it will be a long process of treatment. But the assurance that Homeopathy provides to the patient is that the disease will be cured ly and effectively.


The homeopathic treatment for any kind of disease follows a basic step at the start. The homeopaths will examine the past and present histories of the patient’s physical, mental and emotional states. This is because Homeopathy believes that the current disease that attacked the patient might be the occurrence due to any of the above mentioned past histories.

After examining the history of the patient, the actual treatment starts. Homeopathy does not include immediate curing process as the treatment would be aimed at the complete human body functionality, but not just at the diseased part.

That is the fundamental difference between the modern day medicine and Homeopathy. There is a huge belief among the people all across the world that even though most of the allopathic medicine provides an instant cure, there is a high chance of the disease to attack the same person again. But with Homeopathy, that is not the case. It aims for the successful and cure of the disease as it helps in the production of resistance for the body through the anti-bodies that would not enable the disease to re-enter the body and attack.

It may look like a long process for cure, but Homeopathy is still the best to way to effectively cure a problem. If anyone is looking for a cure for any kind of disease, Homeopathy is one of the better forms.


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Tuberculosis – causes, symptoms and treatment


Derived from the scientific name of the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the name Tuberculosis refers to an infectious disease more commonly known as TB. German physician Rober Koch had discovered this disease in the year 1882 and he was even awarded with the Nobel Prize for this discovery. It is now considered to be one of the most common, dangerous and even lethal diseases of all time!

Tuberculosis is generally known to affect the lungs in the human body, but many cases and studies have proved that this disease may occur or affect any other organ in the body. In the olden days, this was mostly referred to as a “Consumption” disease because if an effective treatment was not provided for the patient in the initial days of the disease occurrence, it has the capability to consume or take away the life of the patient. But the advancements in medical sciences made it possible to treat this disease successfully with antibiotics. Still, this could be a lethal disease if proper care is not provided for the patient in the earlier stages of TB.


When a person inhales unhygienic air or the air which is filled with minute particles of sputum, he or she can become infected with the tuberculosis bacteria. This can occur when a particular person who already has this infection coughs, sneezes, shouts or spits in the air and the bacteria comes out. People nearby that person can immediately get affected when they breathe the air with bacteria. Some people think that TB can affect them by just touching the clothes or shaking the hands of the affected persons. But that is a wrong perception as Tuberculosis is an infectious disease occurred only by breathing the contaminated air.

A few years back, children used to be getting affected with this disease by drinking unpasteurized milk. Bacteria scientifically named Mycobacterium bovis would cause this kind of TB as it would be present in the unpasteurized milk. But with the introduction pasteurization processes which kills the bacteria present in the milk, there has been a great decrease in the TB affected children drinking milk.

TB infection usually attacks the upper part or the lobe of the lungs. The reproduction of the bacteria which causes this infection can be stopped by the body’s immune system in the initial stages or for relatively less active bacteria. The infection of the lungs may occur severely when the body’s immune system could not hold the reproduction of these bacteria.


  • Long lasting cough – for 3 weeks or longer.
  • Continuous and intense pain in the chest
  • Coughing up blood or sputum i.e. phlegm from deep inside the lungs
  • Fatigue and Weakness
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Fever and sever cold


Tuberculosis is absolutely curable and effectively too. Homeopathy is the best way to treat this disease if we want to cure this ly. Homeopathy plays a vital role in discovering the root of the problem or disease and will start curing from that point. Hence it is more effective and highly recommended.


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Heart Problems – Homeopathy Treatment


Most of us know that the heart acts like a pumping device taking in the impure blood, oxidizing it and thus purifying it, and sending it back to all the remaining organs of the body for proper functioning. Whenever there is even a small obstacle in this process, it leads to the reduced blood supply to the heart muscle. This condition is known as “Ischemia” This usually occurs due to the problems or blockages in the coronary artery of the heart. This may appear with age or even some unhygienic habits like smoking and alcohol consumption. These symptoms are mostly seen in men and can also be a hereditary problem in some cases.


The basic symptom experienced by anyone who is having a heart attack is the chest pain. Apart from that, a person having a heart attack may also experience inflammations in the areas of arm, neck and jaw, difficulty in taking breath, inflammation in the chest, anxiety, and even a loss of consciousness.


Heart attack may occur due to a number of reasons. It mostly depends on the lifestyle one is following. Some of the important causes that leads to heart attack are:

  • Presence of severe Diabetes in the body.
  • Lack of regular exercise.
  • No Physical fitness.
  • Unhygienic Life Style
  • Presence of Cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • High fat content Diet


Many persons who experienced a slight chest pain or inflammation around the area of the chest would consider it nothing serious and neglect. But that is not a good idea. It might be a heart attack and it is better to get checked. There are a number of prescribed tests to detect a heart attack. Some of them are ECG which is the acronym for Electrocardiography, Blood test, Nuclear Scan, Exercise Stress test and Coronary Angiography


There are some precautionary measures that one should follow to avoid a heart attack. Practicing these habits would make one lead a very healthy life for a long time.

  • Avoid foods with high fat content
  • Practice regular physical exercise
  • Eat high fiber foods
  • Maintain Stress free environments around you.
  • Regularly eat foods with Garlic and Ginger content.
  • Stop Smoking


Homeopathy plays a crucial part in preventing heart attacks. The treatment aims to reduce the cholesterol level in the blood ensuring free flow of blood to and fro the heart.


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Homeopathy – Best form of alternative medicine

There is no denying that a person’s state of the mind and functioning of the body are closely dependent on each other. Hence, when you treat a particular disease or a problem in a person, it is essential to treat the person as a whole rather than just the symptom. Homeopathy form of treatment follows the exact procedure which helps one to understand the root of the problem and start curing from there. This form of treatment has been proved successful in a number of cases and is followed by many people across the globe.

In the conventional form of treatment, different people diagnosed with the same condition will generally be given the same medicine, but in homeopathy the remedy given to a patient may depend on a whole lot of other factors, such as temperament, state of mind, and lifestyle. The key to the practice of homeopathy is the ability to understand and interpret the patient’s symptoms along with the outward signs of internal disorder, both before and after a remedy is given. This continuing relationship helps to make homeopaths particularly effective at discovering the underlying causes of frequently recurring ailments. Homeopathy’s safe, gentle approach complies with one of the most important rules of medical intervention i.e. that it should do no harm and should not cause any side effects. Many common, everyday ailments may be treated safely and effectively at home using homeopathic remedies; should the common ailment develop into something worse, for like a cold into a chest infection, for instance, then a conventional doctor must be consulted. In general, a conventional doctor should be consulted for any ailment that can be quickly and effectively treated by conventional medicine, or for any condition that requires conventional investigation. Certain serious ailments may also be alleviated using homeopathic remedies, but in the treatment of these conditions, the experience of a qualified homeopathic practitioner is essential from the outset.

Positive Homeopathy is a chain of homeopathic clinics across India and they can treat almost any kind of disease through this homeopathic form of treatment. It has established itself as one of the best homeopathic chains and is making an exponential ascent. One should realize the significance of homeopathic treatment and then proceed with it.

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Treat Asthma through Homeopathy

A high percentage of people are vulnerable to being affected by asthma and during the seasons of low temperatures, there would definitely be a hike in that percentage. The patients of asthma would find breathing very difficult and there would be heavy cough and tightness around their chest. It can prove to be lethal at times, so the patients of asthma need to be extra careful all the time and take some measures to eradicate seriousness.

Since its inception, homeopathy form of treatment proved to be one of the most effective measures to eradicate most of the diseases and asthma treatment is one of them. Positive homeopathy is one of the leading chains of homeopathic clinics establishing itself across India and it helps the asthma patients to get rid of the problem. Positive Homeopathy provides you with more information on asthma, its symptoms, how people would get it confused with some other similar diseases and the effective ways to treat asthma through homeopathy. For more, visit www.positivehomeopathy.com

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