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Importance of Choosing Homeopathy at Early Stages

Homeopathy, the renowned alternative form of treatment, had been founded on the basic principle that any ailment or health related issue is not limited on the area of the human body that is affected, but the entire physical and mental health combined. Hence Homeopathy aims at curing not just the symptoms but the root cause behind the problem by studying the present and past health status of the patient. This fundamental principle on which it was founded makes the treatment so effective and most importantly safe.


There is a notion amongst most people that Homeopathy is a slow curing process though they believe in its curing ability. But this is nothing but a common misunderstanding. Expert doctors of Homeopathy explain that the amount of time taken to cure a particular disease depends on a number of factors and it varies from person to person. As the treatment depends on both the mental and physical health of the person, it is unique. There have been many cases in the past which showed that a disease which was cured in a month’s time was cured in days for a different person.

Coming to the most vital note, it is highly suggested by expert doctors that the ideal time to choose Homeopathy for treating any kind of disease is as soon as it is diagnosed, but not as a last resort. Most patients would go for all kinds of other treatments and consult Homeopathy finally because the other forms are not promising any cure. Homeopathy treatment needs a bit more time to understand the patient’s past and present health status and then cure takes place. The best thing about Homeopathy is irrespective of the time it takes to heal, there is no risk of remission.

Hence, it is very much suggested not to ignore the symptoms and seek Homeopathy in the early stages. It is safe, effective, and .


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Homeopathy – The Ideal Procedure to Stop Hair Fall

Homeopathy has already gained the reputation all over the world of curing the most dangerous, critical, and chronic ailments without any kind of side effects providing a solution. Also, it needs a great deal of experience and expertise to administer and execute the treatment process in Homeopathy. One of the best Homeopathy hospitals in Hyderabad, Positive Homeopathy has become an ideal destination for solutions to any kind of ailment.


Positive Homeopathy explains that Alopecia Areata, an auto immune disease occurs when the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles thinking that they are foreign cells. The intensity of the problem may vary from person to person which depends on various factors like their immunity system, strength of hair follicles, genetics etc. Regardless of these factors, when this problem is not encountered during the early stages, as soon as it’s identified, it may lead to hair loss.


But for every problem, there is a solution, if searched for properly. And Positive Homeopathy has got that with a very simple explanation how it can be possible to re grow the lost hair or to stop hair loss. When a sudden hair loss is detected, it means that the body’s immunity system is attacking the hair follicles which eventually shrink and die. This leads to lack of hair production. But the Stem Cell which produces the hair follicles with new cells is ever present. It just needs a little push to regrow the hair. And that push can be given by Homeopathy with perfection.


As mentioned before, the hair loss and even the regrowth of the hair depends on a different number of factors. It has been proved in many cases that Homeopathy has been successful in re-growing the lost hair. The time that would take would again depend on the factors aforementioned. But the best thing about Homeopathy is that there would be no side effects at all. Hence many experts would say – “Go for it!


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Controlling Blood Pressure Levels with Homeopathy


Blood Pressure is one of the most common issues faced by most people now-a-days. It’s being observed in a high percentage of adults starting from the age of 18. The reasons for varying Blood Pressure levels can be natural causes, heredity, obesity, and life style choices. If uncontrolled, it can lead to severe issues like cardiac arrests and improper functioning of other vital organs. Hence, it is highly imperative to cut this issue during its root stage. That is only possible with regular checkups.


First of all, we cannot determine a person’s B.P. levels for sure on a single reading. The patient must take the test at least twice or thrice in close periods. If the B.P. reading is high or low compared to normal levels, then it can be confirmed as Hypertension or Hypotension respectively. The levels can be considered normal if it is the range of 110/70 to 120/80.


As mentioned before, heredity can be one of the reasons for Hyper or Hypo tension. But the life style choices we make can create a great impact on the B.P levels. Smoking and alcohol consumption, unhygienic living, consumption of oily and junk food, and stress are some important factors. It is fair to say that the major part of controlling B.P is in our hands.


Most people disregard the importance of regular B.P. checkups because they seem healthy. That can prove to be a big mistake in the later days. Though they may not be obvious visible symptoms, it can cause problems eventually. Hence it is important to get regular testing done. At least once every 3 – 6 months, especially for adults.

If there are slight variations in B.P. levels, which can be considered as Pre Hypertension or Pre Hypotension, then that is where Homeopathy plays a great role. It helps identify the root cause of B.P inside and controls the levels.

Apart from that, it is advised that the unhealthy choices like smoking and drinking, consumption of junk food be avoided. Instead, make a habit of getting some physical activity, yoga, and meditation that would help control this common issue.

Positive Homeopathy employs constitutional Homeopathy treatment that can control the common ailments like B.P and Diabetes without any side effects.

– See more at: https://web.archive.org/web/20160314064548/http://www.positivehomeopathy.com/controlling-blood-pressure-levels-homeopathy/#sthash.smoWRNWO.dpuf

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In the present world around 60 to 70 percent of humanity is suffering from one or the other chronic disease, one of which is Thyroid disorder. The thyroid gland or simply called thyroid is found in the neck and it is one of the largest endocrine gland in the body. One of the main reasons for the development of thyroid in any person is high-stress levels which lead in the incapability of the thyroid gland to secrete hormones, which are essential for regulating metabolism. And, what better than Homeopathy can suffice the situation.

Diagnosis of Thyroid can be detected through the measurement of the blood TSH level. A combination of antibody screening (for Graves’ disease) and a thyroid scan using radioactively-labeled iodine (which concentrates in the thyroid gland) can help diagnose the underlying thyroid disease.

Thyroid problem can lead to two conditions — Hypothyroidism (excess weight gain) refers to the lack of thyroid hormones in the blood and Hyperthyroidism (excess weight loss) indicates the opposite which sees an excessive supply of thyroid hormones to the body. The symptoms vary on the abundance or deficiency of certain hormones. Some of the symptoms such as hair loss, memory loss, vitamin deficiency, low body temperature, disturbed sleep, and dry skin can be easily reduced through regular practice of diet control and continuous use of Homeopathy medicines. To reduce Hypothyroidism in the body is to increase the consumption of high iodine content foods, and reduce the extra kilos.


Hypothyroidism is a common endocrine disorder, often called as underactive thyroid in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones. Some of the main symptoms are fatigue, cannot tolerate cold climates, memory weak, less concentration, constipation, obesity, less appetite, shortness of breath, hoarse voice, heavy menstrual bleeding in the beginning later normal flow, poor hearing.


Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which an overactive thyroid gland is producing an excessive amount of thyroid hormones that circulate in the blood. Symptoms of this type are excessive sweating, heat intolerance, increased bowel movements, nervousness, rapid heart rate and weight loss.

Positive Homeopathy suggests the best medicines and treatment for the problem or at least reduce the levels of thyroid in the body. Some of the treatments are:

  1. “Thyro Cell” an initiative taken up by Positive Homeopathy where our main aim is to treat the thyroid disorders and its underlying complications with constitutional homeopathic medicines.
  2. ”Genetic constitutional therapy/treatment” will be given to the patients suffering with thyroid diseases, where our experienced doctors will examine the patient to assess the extent to which the pathology/disease has progressed.

Positive Homeopathy also assures that, by restoring the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, weight gain, and hair-fall can be controlled, Irregular/disturbed menstrual cycles can be restored to normal and the homeopathic medicines also help in revitalizing the immunity levels and energy levels of the individual. We guarantee with the best solutions and our medicines are produced without any side effects. Our doctors also suggest to reduce thyroid by following exercise, yoga and other activities.

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It is of course not unknown that Childhood is an important period of time in every person’s life. It is the time where a great foundation for future can be laid for any individual. Most importantly, it is that time where the future health of a person can be taken care of then itself! Yes, and that is perfectly possible with Positive Homeopathy’s Homeokids.


Homeokids is a branch of Positive Homeopathy exclusively meant for nurturing the health of kids and also to raise the awareness regarding importance and significance of taking preventive measures against certain ailments at the early age. As a part of this program, Positive Homeopathy conducts regular health camps and offers free consultation as well as preventive medication.

Homeokids is not only to prevent future ailments to attack children but also to offer the solutions that enables a kid to lead a perfectly healthy and enjoyable life, both in physical and mental aspects.


With the gradual increase in pollution and environmental changes, kids born in this era are more vulnerable to common ailments like breathing issues, recurrent fever, allergies, headaches, and even psychological problems. It is vital to keep both the physical as well as mental health intact right from the start.


In order to prevent these complications in the future as well as to eliminate the current problem, Homeopathy is the first and best choice for kids. It has been proved that taking Homeopathic measures for a kid at an early stage, apart frompreventing future health issues without any side effects, also nurtures a kid’s concentration, memory, and psychological health.


Positive Homeopathy made it a mission to see a perfectly healthy India and healthy kids are foundation for that to happen. Homeokids is just a small initiation from Positive Homeopathy to make sure this happens. For it to happen, we expect the parents to take ultimate care of kid’s health, their diet, and physical activity along with getting regular health checkups.  And we are here to take care of the next step i.e. make your kid enter a perfectly healthy world.


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