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About Usold

Health has to be restored and it is possible with Homeopathy is the objective Positive Homeopathy visualizes in the process of homeopathic treatment to the patients. The clinics are organised, the treatment is individualised and health, happiness and well-being is cherished by our patients. The right to health to the people is provided at Positive Homeopathy Clinics with easy access and best quality homeopathic medicines .The patients have the right to choose from the plans developed based on the large experience of expert doctors , the nature of the disease, the chances of recovery and the need of specialist doctors requirement during the course of treatment.

Positive Homeopathy is synonymous with optimistic, worthwhile and effective homeopathic treatment.

First-class medical care benefits are experienced by the patients at Positive Homeopathy in getting constitutional homeopathic treatment along with computerised advance treatment methods. We also educate patients to maintain the best of their health during and after the treatment procedure as prevention is always better than cure and being healthy begins with prevention.

With over 25 clinics and 100+ doctors, patients can count on us as the best homeopathic clinic for their needs, as we provide treatment for acute diseases, chronic diseases, emergency conditions , genetic diseases and treatment for all age group including pregnant women and children.

As one of the leading homeopathy healthcare provider in clinics as well as through online treatment, immense care is taken in gathering patient’s disease condition, advising required essential diagnostic procedures and educating the science of homeopathy to the patients. As we grow, we take responsibility to extend our support and medical expertise to the general public for which regular seminars and medical camps on homeopathy are conducted.

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We Have 25 Years Experiance

We offer extensive medical procedures to outbound and inbound patients what it is and we are very proud of achievement of our stpatients for recovery

Our Mission

To Provide the medical Practice with the high standards by offering quality and high-standard treatment to its patients, enabling them to improve and maintain their health, with due regard to post-treatment concerns.

Our Vision

To bring the Medical Excellency in homeopathy treatment within the reach of people for better lifestyle for each and every individual.




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