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About Us

Who are we

Positive Homeopathy is a leading Homeopathy Clinic chain with over 25 locations in Andhra, Telangana and Karnataka. Dr. Kiran Kumar founded Positive Homeopathy in 2002 seeing the need for a change in Homeo care. He established a culture of putting the patient needs before anything else. Under his leadership, Positive Homeopathy has seen exponential growth, and we are rapidly expanding in South India. In spite of the rapid growth, in each of our location, you will get the same high-quality personal care and customized treatment.

Why Positive Homeopathy

More than 1 Million people are trusting Positive Homeopathy for their health needs. Our team of over 100 doctors have medical degrees from accredited institutions and follow our strict code of conduct in providing the best quality service. We have more than 90% success rate in treating all diseases. We take pride in our process for providing personalized and customized treatment to all patients. All our clinics follow the ISO standards for healthcare Services to ensure high-quality treatment differentiating us from many other Homeo clinics in the world.

Patient Experience

  • Customized Treatment for all diseases
  • Safe, natural and no side-effects
  • Personalized treatment
  • Qualified doctors online
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  • Complete transparency

Director’s Profile


Dr. Kiran Kumar is a self-motivated, strong-willed, kind-hearted and ambitious person with a positive attitude, whose pioneering efforts have contributed to a healthy society. He aims to spread homeopathy by providing the best service and making it affordable and accessible to everybody including the economically disadvantaged.

In the new age of medicine our country is making rapid advances in science and technology but unfortunately, at the same time constitutional therapy was being ignored. Seeking to revive constitutional therapy which is safe, affordable and very effective, Dr. Kiran embarked on a remarkable