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Positive Homeopathy is a leading Homeopathy Clinic chain with over 25 locations in Andhra, Telangana and Karnataka. Dr. Kiran Kumar founded Positive Homeopathy in 2002 seeing the need for a change in Homeo care. He established a culture of putting the patient needs before anything else. Under his leadership, Positive Homeopathy has seen exponential growth, and we are rapidly expanding in South India. In spite of the rapid growth, in each of our location, you will get the same high-quality personal care and customized treatment.

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Why Positive Homeopathy ?

More than 1 Million people are trusting Positive Homeopathy for their health needs. Our team of over 80 doctors have medical degrees from accredited institutions and follow our strict code of conduct in providing the best quality service. We have more than 90% success rate in treating all diseases. We take pride in our process for providing personalized and customized treatment to all patients. All our clinics follow the ISO standards for healthcare Services to ensure high-quality treatment differentiating us from many other Homeo clinics in the world.

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About Dr.Kiran Kumar

Dr.Kiran is a strong-willed individual who dreamt to create an ambient and patient-friendly health care Organization. As a result ‘Positive Homeopathy‘ stands high with a credible reputation for quality conscious, dependable and long lasting cure.

He works round-the-clock to restore homeopathic societies and establish new associations to support and regulate homeopathy in public. His aim is to make homeopathy and homeopaths a serious force in the medical and healthcare. There has been a growing respect for homeopathy in the medical community now since the start of Positive Homeopathy Clinics. Through his efforts Positive Homeopathy has successfully integrated into the public health system as standard choice of clinics.

Dr.Kiran serves through a 100 plus team of doctors, 300+ support staff and an undeniable presence in all the major cities in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

The success of Positive Homeopathy is well imbibed by Dr.Kiran and it is his avowed ambition to promote Homeopathy into rural areas too with cost effective treatments and provide beneficent medicines.

He has brought a boom in homeopathy in particular and medical health in general. Offers a wide range of private medical services such as treatment for Autoimmune disease, Autism. Muscular Dystrophies, etc. Majority of the Patients disillusionment about choice of treatment was cleard by Dr.Kiran .

Few Milestones

  • First Clinic of Positive Homeopathy inaugurated at Ameerpet, Hyderabad in 2005
  • A cohesive team of 4 doctors that day and today 75+ expert Doctor's Team on board
  • Aggressive branch expansion to all major towns and cities of AP & Telangana in 2009
  • Entry into Karnataka in 2009
  • Entry into Tamilnadu in 2014
  • Treated 50 lacs patients and treated 200+ diseases till date
  • Growing recognition as the Specialist for treating chronic & incurable diseases like Thyroid, Disc Prolapse & Nervous disorders.
  • Free treatment to 1 lakh needy patients every year as part of our CSR
  • Achieved 83% Success rate in curing diabetic patients
  • Achieved 93% Success rate in treating Psoriasis
  • Delivering online consultation & treatment to busy professionals
  • 'Doctor on Phone ' facility to serve patients who are unable to come to our clinics.
  • Focus on female health over the years. Specialized treatments developed for infertility, menstrual disorders, hormonal imbalances, auto immune disorders and child health.
  • The doctors practising or employed by Positive Homeopathy benefit higher than average income. The same doctors are well-trained and specialised to an extent they can begin their own private practise after quitting their jobs.

Positive Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd

Positive Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd is South India's Leading Homeopathic Healthcare Corporate. Dr. Kiran Kumar is the Chairman and Managing Director of the company. PLSPL is having 20 clinics spread across south India. With a base of around 75+ doctors including 50 MD's/PG, it is our Endeavour to bring the best available pain-free treatment to our patients whose trust positive Homeopathy have gained over from the time of establishment.

Dr. Kiran Kumar (Chairman and Managing Director) a graduate from Gulbarga University, started his career in Hyderabad as a duty doctor.With lots of dedication and hard work he became a renowned Homeopath in India followed by launching POSITIVE HOMEOPATHY, multispecialty Homeopathy Hospitals in south India. Through this initiative he has given livelihood to 300 families by giving employment.

Dr.Kiran Kumar experienced Homeopathy from his childhood. He used to live opposite a recognised homeopathic institute. He would frequent in the college and hospital premises and developed a passion to learn and practise homeopathy by observing the miracles in curing diseases with homeopathy. As he grew , he would assist some of the senior doctors in dispensing homeopathic medicines. After his matriculation, he had decided to become a homeopathic doctor. Overcoming many hurdles and clearing medical entrance test, he joined a homeopathic college and completed B.H.M.S course successfully with distinction. Such a background led to his desire to establish homeopathic hospitals and finally he founded of POSITIVE HOMEOPATHY

He has been practicing homeopathy since many years and has played a pioneering role in the development of homeopathy in India. Dr. Kiran Kumar has not only set up a corporate empire but also extended the medical benefits of this safe and sure system throughout the south India through path-breaking commercial as well as charitable initiatives.

He is of the opinion that homeopaths are mainly in private practise and cannot access public funding for research in their field. Therefore, he would urge the governments to bring new reforms in this regard.

Charitable Initiatives :

Dr.Kiran firmly believes that whatever he has achieved should be returned back to the society in one form or the other. He has given directions to the Positive Homeopathy management to work for the social cause. Therefore, Positive Homeopathy has conducted many successful Free Health camps in the remote and rural areas. Such camps were beneficial to the poor and deprived people at whom healthcare couldn’t be reached. Every Summer, Drinking water facility is provided for free in villages where there is marked water scarcity.

Dr.Kiran has a special attachment with the children. His special interest in helping kids through quality healthcare is obviously seen by the introduction of a special initiative, HOMEOKIDS. As part of HOMEOKIDS program, free medical and health camps are conducted in regular schools, blind schools and orphanages. Dr.Kiran personally attends such programmes to emphasise the importance of health in children.Children are the future of India, he is in plans to provide assistance to the abandoned and orphaned children by setting up schools and provide free education to the underprivileged children.

Dr.Kiran Kumar is associated with many professional, cultural and social organizations and serving with intense commitment to any position he is in.

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