Solving the “Headache” of Migraines through Safe Homeopathy

Solving the “Headache” of Migraines through Safe Homeopathy


For all those who are suffering from the painful Migraine attacks and want to get a safe and permanent solution to get rid of this chronic ailment for good, then Homeopathy is the right and ideal solution. With the advancements in Homeopathy, we now have the solution to treat this disease without the fear of any kind of side effects. Let us now have a brief look at how Migraines before discussing how Homeopathy helps you achieve absolute relief from this issue.

How Does Migraines Occur?

Migraines are one of the most painful and unbearable at most times of all the ailments we know. These are caused by the enlargement of blood vessels in the head which is termed as vasodilation. The stretched blood vessels stretch the nerves that are shaped in a coil around the brain arteries and this disturbance causes the nerves to produce some chemicals causing instant pain and inflammation in the form of severe headaches. Migraines are known to activate the Sympathetic Nervous System of the body that controls the primitive responses of the body. Activating this system usually leads to many other symptoms like vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. It also does not allow the food or medication to be passed to the intestines easily making it difficult to digest and any cure to take place immediately.

We cannot deny that Migraines make the life of the patient difficult. We cannot expect when the attack would occur and hence we cannot prevent it from disturbing us during the work times and other crucial moments. But the question is, why do these Migraines occur?

What can cause Migraines?

It is often difficult to pin point the exact cause of these Migraine attacks though experts have discovered some common causes that can lead up to this chronic and painful ailment. They are

  • Heavy Stress and Mental Pressures
  • Hormonal Changes especially in Woman
  • Unhygienic Lifestyle
  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption and Smoking
  • Foods like aged cheese, and those with high salt content
  • Irregular sleeping pattern

How can we Detect Migraines?

Usually, Migraines are associated with some symptoms before the painful attacks appear. Sometimes migraines do not entail headaches like most of us think. Some symptoms that are associated with this chronic disease are

  • Heavy Sleepiness or sleeplessness
  • constant irritation,
  • fatigue
  • depression or euphoria,
  • heavy yawning
  • craving for sweet or salty foods.

Sometimes Migraines entail headaches with an aura that makes patient experience a visual zigzags or brightly colored or flashy patterns in front of their eyes. Hallucinations and painful experience like pins and needles on arms are also some of the symptoms

The Ideal Treatment for Migraines

There are modern medicines that offer instant relief for migraines but they do not solve the ailment permanently. Also they can create some side effects adding to the pain caused by Migraines. Hence it is suggested to go for Homeopathy which saw a great success in curing a number of Migraine cases permanently without any side effects. Positive Homeopathy is one of the well-established homeopathy clinics in Hyderabad that offers treatment for Migraines.


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Patient Testimonials

Miss. Pranaya

I am Pranaya suffering from Thyroid from past 3 years, i have visited Positive Homeopathy after seeing the TV show, and taken treatment in Positive Homeopathy and observed fine improvement. My thyroid level is in normal now and i find no side effects using the medicines. Iam satisfied with the Positive Homeopathy service and care taken by them . Thanks to the Doctors

N. Chamundeswari

I am very much pleased to express that I have been cured from the menopause problem of hormonal imbalance and I’m now very happy. I thank you very much for the co-operation extended in the treatment.


I have suffered a lot from Sinusitis. Then I took 2 years treatment from Positive Homeopathy after which my problem was cured. Thank You Positive Homeopathy.

Mr. Ajit

I have been suffering from B.P and cholesterol since 2 years. After taking the medication and diet suggested by Positive Homeopathy, my B.P is under control in the past one year. Positive Homeopathy has been pro-active in contacting the patients for visits and any other health ailments.


My daughter R.Priya is of age 15 and she suffered from Thyroid and PCOD for more than one year. After hearing about Positive Homeopathy treatment, we took medicine here for past 6 months. Now we are fully satisfied because the complaint for which we came here became normal. Especially we thank Dr.Rajeshwari for taking full responsibility during the course of treatment. Once again Thanks to Positive Homeopathy

Mrs. Koteshwari

I had been suffering from psoriasis since 5 years and 2 years ago, I started taking treatment from Positive Homeopathy. Now my problem is almost cleared. Thanks to Dr. Shalini

K Pradeep

I am K Pradeep had the psoriasis for the last 7 years. I approached Positive Homeopathy with very sever Symptoms of Psoriasis. I have consulted doctor at Positive homeopathy and undergone treatment with in 45 days i observed a great sooth from my disorders and symptoms. Now i almost have no symptoms of the disease. Thanks to Positive Homeopathy team and i refer everyone to come and get treated from this clinic.(Ameerpet) Iam happy and very much satisfied with the services given by Positive Homeopathy.

Dr. A.Ramakrishnan

I have taken treatment for Diabetes and Leucoderma at Positive Homeopathy from Dr. Arjun Venkatesh for the past nine months and now I feel good and satisfied fully with the treatment.