Awareness on kidney stones problem

Do you know that scientists have found evidence of kidney stones in an Egyptian mummy which was aged around 7000 years of age? This proves that kidney stones issue is one of the oldest and most common issues among humans. It is also one of the most painful of the urologic disorders experienced by human beings. It is so common that almost 3 million visits to the doctors and specialists are recorded every year seeking treatment for this disease and more than half million people would go to emergency rooms for kidney stone problems.

There are also the types of kidney stones that pass out of the body through urine without any intervention by a doctor. These are basically harmless and more common among humans. But there are some types of stones that are too large to be passed out through urine and hence they require a treatment which includes various techniques. These techniques may or may not include any major surgery but most of them don’t require it. Recent studies and advancements in researches have made it possible for an easy treatment of this problem without major operations.

Kidney stones are nothing but hard masses of crystals that separate from the urine within the urinary tract of the kidney. These are formed when the urine stops producing the chemicals that prevent the crystals from forming. The intensity of the kidney stones problem depends on the size of them, whether they are small enough that they can pass out through urine or not.

Some less common types of kidney stones are caused by the infection in the urinary tract. These stones are usually called as struvite or infection stone. Uric acid stones are less common and cysteine stones are rare.

The symptoms in a person having kidney stones are not immediately apparent or visible. The most general symptom in many cases of kidney stones is the extreme pain which will be experienced, when stone moves in the path of the urine flow and blocks it. Person may feel in the back and side area of the kidney or in the lower abdomen which may also lead to nausea and vomiting.

In case of the larger kidney stones, there will be an immense pain experienced by the person as the muscles in the wall of the ureter would try to squeeze the stone into the bladder. This may generate urine with blood making it look like a pink fluid and the person may also feel the need to urinate more frequently along with the burning sensation during urination.

An infection of the kidney stone can be identified when the person suffers from fever and chills along with the symptoms mentioned above. It is advised for the person to contact a doctor immediately when he or she faces such a situation

This is a very common problem among people and most would definitely experience this at some age or the other. Homeopathy is the best alternative method of treatment for kidney stones and it helps the problem to be cured permanently.


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